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Ling-Ling All Natural Potstickers

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Absolutely delicious


These are absolutely delicious, I love the taste and texture. They are chewy and salty and delicious.


Quick, easy and tasty


Ling-Ling All Natural Potstickers make a quick and easy lunvh, dinner or snack. You can prepare them by simply boiling them or more traditionally in a pan. No matter which preparation you choose, they are ready in less than fifteen minutes. The easy to follow instructions mean great results every time. The dough wrapper isn't too thick and has nice texture. The meat filling is well seasoned with chinese flavorings and also includes some vegetables for variety. There is a packet of dipping sauce included that I personally do not care for and discard. It is a soy sauce based dipping sauce, but is both too sweet and too sour at the same time. I opt to make a quick dipping sauce by thinning out some soy sauce with an equal part of water. I then season with granulated garlic, red pepper flakes or hot sauce. I also think the outer wrapper is a slight bit bland, so a VERY light sprinkling of salt really wakes up the flavors of the dumpling.

Port Charlotte, FL


Ling-Ling All Natural Potstickers - versatile and tasty!


If you're looking for a tasty snack/appetizer to feed a crowd, or a quick dinner, Ling-Ling Potstickers are a great option. I usually keep at least one bag of All Natural Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers in my freezer at all times. The filling is made with chicken, cabbage and green onion, nicely seasoned with ginger, sesame seed oil, garlic and spices. It's wrapped in a wheat dough wrapper that's not too thick and not too thin, and stays perfectly chewy-tender when cooked. There are 0g trans fat and no added MSG. To make the traditional potsticker-style dumpling with a crispy bottom, just add some oil to a non-stick pan (I use less than they recommend), add the frozen potstickers flat side down, add some water, cover the skillet, and cook on medium until the water has evaporated (about 8 minutes). Then take off the lid and allow the bottoms to brown. Alternatively, you can simply boil them for 8 minutes and add them to chicken broth and scallions for a quick dumpling soup, or mix up a dipping sauce. Ling-Ling includes several sauce packets in the bag, which I typically doctor up with some Sriracha hot sauce and a splash of sesame seed oil. Just be sure to take the sauce packets out of the freezer when you start cooking - they'll thaw out by the time the potstickers have finished cooking.

Denver, CO


Ling-Ling All Natural Potstickers

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