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Lens (EF75-300mm) for All SLR Canon Cameras


Canon - Telephoto zoom lens - 75 mm - 300 mm - f/4.0-5.6 III - Canon EF

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I have owned several Canon SLR cameras over the years and this is one lens that I always carry with me. You never know when you are going to need a long range lens. This lens is great because it is crisp and clear and makes wonderful pictures. I used it a lot during my son's football games and was able to see him and take some pretty great pictures from the top of the bleachers. The only thing about a lens like this is that the further in you zoom, the less stability you have. I would suggest using a tripod or even a monopod (if you don't want to carry around a tripod) to use for stability. You will find that as you zoom in to the subject, it is much more difficult to get a crisp picture without it looking fuzzy because the slightest movement can be detected by the lens. I have had no issues whatsoever out of this lens and I have had it for years and use it often. Keep your lenses in good padded cases, keep them free of dust and debris, and clean them to maintain and they will last you for years. I would recommend this lens to both amateur and pro photographers alike. Great purchase.

Hendersonville, NC


Lens (EF75-300mm) for All SLR Canon Cameras

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