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Lenovo T41 Notebook PC

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Worth the value -- lighter laptop


After taking over business from IBM, Lenovo really implemented some new technology to make laptops lighter. While it is not all bad, the new (IBM-less) ThinkPad T41 did make some positive steps towards performance and durability. Using alloy in the case adds to the durability by protecting the LCD against bumps and grinds. Upgraded video and desktop speed(7200 RPM) hard drive make it appealing, if you can overlook the noisy optical drive, and the 95 minute battery life. Built in IBM access connections programs are easy to configure wireless connection for various profiles and switch between profiles. Although trackball is not intuitive but mouse pad is smoother than its earlier versions. TFT active matrix display is better than previously release x40 version. AS usual Windows XP preloaded helped to install all other windows application relatively easy. Long battery life keep this laptop at the front of the pack. **It is the best ultraportable notebooks on the market.**

Cupertino, CA




due to my job, need to be online all day. I need a light computer with a medium size screen and not too small keyboard, because  the smallerones of the new versions in the market are not for me. The characters are way too small ,I barely can see them. This computer, maybe doesn't have the looks of other new brands and it isn't so famous, but it's helpful  Iwhen you need to work  fast  and anywhere you go. It has everythiing you need except for an edible web cam, but if you are using it for business maybe you don't require this device. t[s the kind of computer you can take with you anywhere you go and you can use a regular mousse if you don't get used to the normal mousse  these computers use to provide..Their operating system is good enough to help you resolve any issue if you are studying or need to send reports or whatever it takes It's speed is good as well, and I can have many windows open without any risks of decreasing its speed.

Altamonte Springs, FL


Lenovo T41 Notebook PC

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