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Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook PC

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Best of both worlds; Dependable and Full of Features


My 3000 N100 0785 configuration has a 1.83-GHz Core Duo T2400 processor 100GB Hard drive, 2Gb DDR2,  SATAII, 15-4 inch WSXGA, DVD WRITER, 54 x USB2.0 Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 and Fax Modem, with Fingerprint Reader, built-in mic, webcam and Stereo speakers, SoundMax HD Audio with 4 -1 card reader, Firewire. I bought this because of the Core Duo and the DDR2 667Mb and because this was the most reasonably priced laptop available with such a full set of features. As far as dependable, I have used this to make presentations in several different countries with different AC voltage availability and have never crashed my system. Like everyone's experience with this model the battery is pretty bad, lasting a year or so but I have since replaced it with a newer battery when I added an extra gigabyte of DDR2. It runs beautifully and I seem to appreciate it more the longer I own it. I use this machine for video editing, vector graphics and as a DAW. The speakers are terrible but I use pro level studio headphones and the High Definition audio is adequate for mobile sequencing. I have loaded up all the inputs, run an extra monitor, power a couple of Genelec Studio Monitors and run video editing software while viewing two movie files simultaneously and it performs effortlessly. Feels like an IBM ThinkPad keyboard, great sensitivity and solid. Lenovo provides a lot of service and utility support but I haven't needed assistance aside from making sure the drivers are up-to date. After extensive use with the N100 3000 Lenovo I think it is one of the most reliable computers I have owned. Chris Mar  

Vancouver, WA


5 years and going strong


I use the Lenovo 3000 n100 0768-36U as my everyday computer. I've installed Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate. I've upgraded it to 2gb of ram and I regularly clean the fan out. I no longer use the keyboard because of a milk issue, but I use a USB one. I should also point out that this is a non-mobile laptop. I no longer move it around very much. If I have to I bring a mouse and keyboard. I run an external USB sound card off this laptop with no problems. The operating systems it's ran include XP, windows 7, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, ChromeOS and Redhat(poorly). It's a very capable and and reliable laptop. My friends have gone through several and I'm still chugging along with this old lenovo. I should also mention that I use the S-Video out to run an old Sony Trinitron 27" tv and it does it VERY well. People are always impressed with the setup.

Corvallis, OR


Lenovo just doesn't live up to the IBM standards


At first, this was a great computer. Or so I thought. Then, the wireless radio and CD/DVD drive stopped working. I sent it in, and they "fixed" it. They also told me that it was incompatible with some other component(s). They never fixed the drive. I am stuck with a computer that only sometimes connects to the internet, and I cannot use the drive to upgrade to Windows 7 like I want to. I am extremely disappointed in this computer. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. The cool look of it does not make for it not working properly. Not only can I not upgrade, Vista takes up so much space, I had very little and have to backup information really regularly. Without a CD drive, I am stuck with multiple flash drives, which are extremely volatile. It is a waste of money, and I cannot afford to buy a new computer. Do not get sucked in by something seemingly pretty. It's a trick being played on you.

Wilmington, NC


IBM Lenovo N300 laptop review


I had my bought IBM Lenovo N100 laptop some four years back aside for it's battery, overall, it's still currently working great. It came with 1.83-GHz Core Duo T2400 processor, has 100GB Hard drive, 15-4 inch-wide screen (with good resolution), a DVD/CD-RW drivers, built-in bluetooth and Wi-Fi, four USD ports, built-in webcam and speakers, SD reader and integrated fingerprint reader.  It has a silver lid but the shell is made out of plastic which makes it lighter than the other laptops.  The keyboard and the palm rest are also comfortable to use. The ports and drives found at the sides of the laptop are easily identified by the labels (drawings) which I can see at the sides of the keyboard. So, I don't have to fumble around for the ports and drives whenever I want to use them. There are also designated buttons for multimedia volume controls. I also admire this fingerprint recognition facility because whenever I have to login, I have options to either type-in my password or just run any of my fingerprints though the reader provided.  All I had to do is to run the set-up once so that my laptop will recognize my fingerprints.  The laptop came Windows XP Professional operating system. And overall, the speed is excellent.    The most important feature of Lenove N100 for me is its Lenovo care feature which I can access by pressing a designated button anytime you need it.  This gives me troubleshooting tools and system information automatically.  With this is the ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery facility which I was able to use when my system was corrupted by some virus.  After removing the virus, I was able to restore back the corrupted files in a short time. The downside, however, is the lifespan its battery.  Mine actually lasted for 1 year only. 

San Antonio, TX


Sound is good on the Lenovo N100


This is the first laptop I have every owned.  Before this Lenovo N100 I have always had a tower.  My son recommended the Lenovo when I was looking to upgrade from my last computer.  After doing research on the internet, looking at all kinds of different types of laptops and comparing the specs I did take his advice and bought a Lenovo N100.  My son said that the Lenovo would give me the fewest problems and need little if any repairs.  The idea that I would have few issues is a big part of what sold me on the Lenovo N100. I wanted a laptop that I could use to edit photographs as I sell on a number of different stock photo sites so I needed a reliable laptop that had enough space to hold Adobe Photoshop.  I also do illustrations which I also sell on different stock sites so needed the space for Adobe Illustrator too. So I was looking for something with a good size screen, my Lenovo is the 17, but not so large that it would be to heavy to carry.  I found the 17 inch to be perfect for my needs.  The colors on my laptop monitor are bright but not blinding, the blues, blue, greens, green and so on.  I also wanted a laptop that had numerous USB ports.  The Lenovo N100 came with 5 USB ports, 3 on the right side and 2 on the left side.  I liked the convience of this.  Lenovo N100 also came with a camera card reader slot.  Which for us amature photographers is very convienent.  On my old tower I had a USB external card reader, this was now eliminated off my desk leaving my less clutter. The keyboard on the Lenovo N100 is great!  The key size's are not those tiny little buttons nor are they two large making the laptop weight more.  One thing I didn't like about the Lenovo N100 was the thumb reader.  Although I can see the reason for it I hated that pop up screen everytime I booted up.  It seemed to me that, that would take boot-up time and I just hated having to wait for it to go through that cycle.  I did remove the thumbscreen loading program and it did seem to make the boot-up time faster.  I use the blue tooth that was build into the Lenovo N100 to connect to my printer as well as the internet.  My husband is the one with the wires.  Which makes it really nice and fast when there is multible hook ups. The slim line of the Lenova N100 makes it light and easy to carry.  The size and weight are perfect for a women who is 5"3 and a 115 pounds.  I did not want anything that was to big and bulky to carry when I travel.  Having family out of state I wanted a laptop that would carry well and hook up easy to internet access when traveling. The Lenovo N100 is just perfect for that.  The color of my Lenovo N100 is black and silver.  I had read that others wished it was completely black but I have to say I have my laptop open most the time and the keyboard area as well as around the monitor is black so that is what I see mostly.  The outer lid being silver is hardly ever seen so I am not sure why that color should matter to much.  But when I think what if it was lime green?  Then I understand that issue.  But for me the silver upper color is fine. One thing I have notice is the cd /dvd rom at times does not read.  I have to put the cd/dvd in and out on rare occassions before it will read or write.  But I am not sure if that is just a defect with my paticular Lenovo or if they are all like that.  When you are looking for a paticular picture on cd/dvd it does become a bit of a pain having to reload that cd/dvd more then once. I am just now after 3 years getting ready to upgrade the memory in my Lenovo.  That is another aspect of the Lenovo N100, it is upgradeable. We all know in this world of computers and laptops how important it is to be able to upgrade in order to keep up with the new up and coming programs that are coming out. Lenovo N100 came with a 2 hour battery and had the option for a 4 hour battery.  I did buy the 4 hour battery and have been very happy with that 4 hour time span.  In the 3 years that I have had the Lenovo N100 the only issue I have had with it is the occassional hassel of having to reload a dvd/cd in the drive.  Over all I would have to say if I was replacing my laptop I would certainly buy another Lenovo.  It has been extremely dependable, With no breakdowns or repairs.  That says allot about the parts used to build the Lenovo's.  I have a girlfriend who has bought other brands and is on her second laptop in 5 years.  She has had both of her last two laptops in the repair shop numberous times. I will be updating the memory and using this laptop for another 3 to 4 years. I would highly recomment Lenovo products.

Brownsburg, IN


learn with lenovo, the laptop with pop


wow this laptop rocks, On top of having easy accses to anything you could need,it also has a slot for a broadband card, a picture slot 4 usb slots and o much more.  The touch pad mouse is easy to use.  I enjoyed useing the software that came with the computer.  this laptop is very durable.  I have a buisness and I go to school full time so this laptop gets abused.  but I still keeps going and going.  I like everything about it.

Ozark, IL


Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook PC

3.8 6