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Lean Cuisine
Lean Cuisine Panini

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Taste great.


Lean Cuisine Panini's are among my favorite type of Lean Cuisines! The chicken club Panini is my absolute favorite. These taste great, are quick, and come out tasting like a sandwich you could get at a cafe. To cook this you simply take it out of the plastic, fold the lid of the box back, and place two halves of the sandwich, bread down, on the box. You place to two halves of the sandwich on a gray, metallic type area. This metallic area causes the bread to actually crisp. When it is cooked, you just put the two halves together and you have a YUMMY, crispy Panini. These make for such a delicious and quick lunch or dinner. I know Lean Cuisines are not the healthiest choice when it comes to meals. They are full of sodium and artificial ingredients. That is why I gave it an 8 rating instead of 10. But I think occasionally it is okay to treat yourself to one of their Panini's. Try these!




Philly-Style Steak & Cheese Panini Surprisingly Good!


Most frozen food entrees are mush, so I expected the same from this product. I was pleasantly surprised to bite into it and actually taste the bell pepper. The meat is also well seasoned and not overly salty. I usually stick with the chicken entrees, but I'm so glad I tried this one!




Great for Busy Work Lunches


I love the taste, the overall lock and the ease of microwaving. On days when I am at work and will have a quick lunch I have these in the freezer. They sure beat a quick run through a drive thru where the food gets cold/soggy by the time you get back to eat. I also think the portion size is perfect for lunch -- doesn't pay to be too stuffed for the afternoon. The directions are easy to follow and the results are perfect.


Dover, DE


Great healthy sandwich.


Lean Cuisine products are some of our favorite frozen items and the panini is included in that. We love them- they are good, easy to make, and healthier and much cheaper than a sandwich from a cafe or take out place. We have a lower wattage microwave so add a little extra cooking time but have had no problems with our paninis so far. Of course, they aren't going to be like a restaurant but with gas prices like they are - we don't mind staying in versus eating out. Also, we don't have to leave a tip!


Butner, NC


Wasn't great...


I was not impressed with this product.  I'm one of those people who will just throw it away instead of eating something that isn't good.  I didn't finish this.  It had a strange flavor that really turned me off to it.  I gave it 2 stars because it wasn't horrible.


San Marcos, TX


Great stuff!


I eat Lean Cuisine Panini for several reasons, they are quick and easy, they are low calorie, and I feel like I am getting a healthy portion while getting something really good tasting. There are several varieties to choose from and I think I have had them all, and loved them.  My personal favorite is the steak sandwich though.  I would recommend these to anyone for lunch or dinner.


Tampa, FL


love at first lean bite


Lean Cusine Panni's are awesome.  They taste awesome.  Hot and gooey.  Salty and Tasty.  They are cheap and quick.  They are sooo easy to cook.  OH, and get this they don't add 50 million pounds to your hips.  Thats what I'm talking about.


Saint Joseph, MO


very good, feels like your cheating.


These panini's are very good.  They cook fast and have no clean up.  I like to take them to work to eat so that I can eat with one hand and work with the other.  My husband loves them too!  I have recommended them to co-workers and they enjoy them also.


Hampstead, MD


Delish Panini!


I really love the pannini's by Lean Cuisine! They are very tasty & low in calories & the convenience for a hot sandwich can't be beat! My fave is the chicken with spinach...I could eat that EVERYDAY! If I'm really hungry, I may add a small side salad to it but it's a filling meal all in itself.


Sterling Heights, MI


"Lean Cuisine Paninis Rock!"


Lean Cuisine Paninis are delicious! They are quick and convenient. You don't feel like you are watching your weight when you eat them. There is a nice selection of paninis to choose from, all which are low in fat & calories, so there are no boring meals. Just heat in microwave for a few minutes and you have a hot and tasty lunch or dinner. Pricing is great, especially when they are on sale and if you have a coupon to boot! Even if your are not watching your weight these are great little meals to eat. Weight watchers can also eat these paninis, the weight watcher points are on the side panel. Lean Cuisine is also having apromotion at this time, from january till the end of March, buy twenty lean cuisnes and join on line at their web -site and enter codes which are found inside the boxes and after you earn twenty codes, you can receive a cool looking lunch bag from them! The bags are really nice! And there are a few differnt ones to choose from.


Pocono Pines, PA


Lean Cuisine Panini

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