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Laura Ashley
Laura Ashley Memory Foam and Pillow Top Mattress

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I wish i could tk my bed with me lol


Well this is a great mattress and i would never EVER, complaint about it I WOULDNT EVEN DARE!! because this is THE BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE lol and i meant it, i strongly recommend this brand, this is my first time using it and im very amazed and surprised of the quality


Eve-Sj PR ;)


Really soft, comfy mattress


I love this mattress. It was costly, but to me, I look forward to getting into bed at night and hate to roll out in the morning, so it is worth the investment. My husband, however, thinks it is comfortable, but wakes up with back problems sometimes. These back problems do not happen when he sleeps in our son's bed. My advice would be that if you suffer from back problems, you might want to go with a more firm mattress. If your back doesn't cause you problems, this one is great! So soft and cozy! We have had it for about 5 years now, and it's the same as it was when it was brand new. It's held up really well!


Iowa City, IA


Worst mattress we have ever purchased


After two years of owning this mattress and box spring it sags in the middle. My wife and I constantly roll into the center and feel like we are in a pit. I called for a warranty and after six moths of run around I gave up, probably what they wanted. Don't buy this piece of garbage!!!




Laura Ashley Memory Foam and Pillow Top Mattress

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