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L7 LTD Pro
Landice Treadmill

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Top of the Line Treadmill!


I spent a lot of time researching before buying my Landice treadmill. There are many good features to it, but the best is the lifetime warranty on parts. It is so well built that I doubt if I'll ever have to use it, but it's nice to know I have it. Another feature I found in researching is that it has a shock absorption system that is based on medical research. It is five times softer than grass. Another good feature is that I can put in my weight and it tells me the number of calories I burn. Performance I like the stability of this treadmill. It doesn't move around while I'm running on it. I have compared it to the ones at the gym, and this one is much more stable. Comfort Because of the shock absorption system, it is very comfortable. Ease of Use The controls on this treadmill are very easy to use. Durability It seems like it will be a long lasting piece of equipment because of the quality of it. Design It is wider and longer than the treadmills I use at the gym. It has a space for my ipod, phone, a book and a water bottle.




This treadmill will never be a clothes rack!


After purchasing two lower quality treadmills and not using them because the build quality was so bad after about a year, I finally decided to splurge and buy a professional quality treadmill - something that you would see in a gym. I've had this treadmill for over 4 years now and it's as good as the day I bought it. Every component is high quality, the interface is so easy to use, the different types of workouts are fantastic and the running surface is so large you just feel at ease. I really love that this has the cardio training where you can put on a heart rate monitor and it acts like a personal trainer to get you in shape. It doesn't get any better than this treadmill. Performance Still running as good as the day I bought it - tons of programs and features to keep you from getting bored. Comfort Great ergonomics, huge running surface and area to put in Ipod or small tablet while you work out. Ease of Use So simple to use - very intuitive. The menus are easy to navigate and the safety that is built in is top notch. Durability This thing is built like a tank! We had a friend who was over 300 pounds try it and you couldn't even tell he was on it (I think it's rated to something like 500 pounds) Design The design of the running surface is perfect - nice and long and wide enough that you don't have to worry about a mis-step. The side supports are the right height and comfortable if you just want to hold on. I like the built-in heart rate handles that can monitor you while working out.


Livingston, TX


This Landice Treadmill is the cream of the crop


I have been using a **Landice L7 Treadmill** lately and am pleasantly surprised at how good it is.   This was not a brand that I was familiar with before, but have since learned that Landice has been making high-quality exercise equipment for many years. The **Landice L7 Treadmill** has a treadbelt that is 20" across and 58" in length and weighs 270 pounds. I like this large size because it gives you some room to move around and I don't feel confined. The aluminum framed unit is designed for individuals up to 400 pounds has a footprint of 32" X 77". The deck of the unit is 1" thick and can absorb a pounding if you decide to run, not just walk. One thing I really like about the **Landice L7 Treadmill** is how easy it is to program. You just enter-in your weight then adjust the degree tilt of the treadmill and your speed. The keypad is very clearly marked and any of the controls can be adjusted as you proceed. On the display you can choose to see how many calories you've burned, speed, calorie per hour, or time elapsed. I tend to switch back and forth between the various options to see my progress. This unit has a cardio attachment to monitor heart rate, but I never use it, and a feature to Pause as well as Stop the unit quickly. The treadbelt (at least on the unit I use) rolls smoothly and without squeaks. According to Landice they use a 4-ply belt which is very durable. Also, the treadmill itself is very stable and does not wobble. The handle grips are shaped roughly like a backwards C and extend out about 1 foot then curve inward.  This is adequate for me but I know some users want a bar that extends further down the unit. There is also a tray above the digital display for resting a book, I-pod, or water bottle. Landice makes the same quality-level of machines for both commercial and residential buyers. Their warranty is for Lifetime for the original buyer with labor costs being under warranty for up to 1 year. I use the **Landice L7 Treadmill** at the exercise room in my apartment complex so I don't know how much it costs. But in my experience it's worth getting a good-quality unit that is durable and has a good warranty if you plan to use the machine with any frequency.


Denver, CO


Landice Treadmill

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