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Lancome galatee confort

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Lancome Galatee Confort Comforting Milky Creme Cleanser is Great


The Lancome Galatée Confort Comforting Milky Creme Cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever used. I received this product for Christmas and I am loving it.  It makes the skin feel soft,and so clean.  I have hated cleaning my  make up off for the skin would  feel tight, and feel like it is drawing when I used so many other products.  I use it for removing make up, and even eye make up and it works like a charm. This is totally different, it makes the skin soft, and so clean feeling without that tight feeling I was getting from other products.It  also has a pleasant smell too,.  Not  at all greasy.  it leaves just a nice clean face fresh face. I love it just before bedtime, I feel I am doing something good for my skin.   I live in the desert and my skin is dry due to the excessive heat since using this product I sure do see a big difference. I shop at the website too and find I get a good deal, a few freebies, and Free shipping. Saves me having to go to the mall and fight the crowds.  In my honest opinion it's the best.        

Palm Springs, CA


A moisturizing cleanser that really works!


I have been a huge fan of the Lancome Galatee Confort Cleanser, also known at the Milky Cream Cleanser, for many years.  I use this cleanser two times a day and it keeps my skin clean and moist.  It removes all traces of make-up and I can even use it to remove my eye make-up which saves me from having to purchase a separate eye make-up product remover.  This cleanser is a cream lotion that you gently apply all over your face before removing with warm water. Because my skin is extra sensitive and rosacea prone, I always use the large square cotton pads instead of a wash cloth to remove the lotion. When I first started using this product, my skin was very dry.  Within a few days, I noticed a big difference and I became an avid fan.  I recommend that you purchase this in the larger size bottle as it is a better value then the smaller size bottles they sell at the Lancome counter.  This cleanser is great for any season of the year. 

Medford, NJ


Galatee Confort from Lancome what every woman needs


Galatee confort from Lancome is a demaquillant cleansing milk that helps to clean and purify the skin of the face and neck. I had tried this product since many years now, the  first time I was very young, my skin was healthy but I lived in a cold and very polluted city, so it really helped my skin, but I though it was a bit expensive so  I also tried other products from other brands, shipper ones or more expensive ones and i had not the same result, so I get back to Lancome because now I have no doubt about the results, Galatee Confort offers me  not only the cleansing for my face and neck but the sensation of a healthy humectant skin, some times I don't have to use an humectant night cream after cleaning my face, because this cleansing cream leaves my skin humectant and feels really healthy. I also use it for cleaning the mascara on my eyelashes and works perfectly without feeling irritation. This is a product that i'm willing to pay and keep as a part of my everyday ritual for my beauty to protect my skin.

Miami, FL


Lancome galatee confort

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