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Lancome Tresor Perfumed Body Lotion

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Tresor lotion is Magic.


I love the smell of Tresor with it's tones of elequent baby powder scented magic. This is an amazing scent full of life and happiness but now add the layer of lotion and you have a scent that lasts ALL DAY!! I am not kidding, this stuff lasts all day long! and you will get compliments galore!! Because the lotion is so rich and has so much scent, I bring the small tube in my purse to refreshen my scent in the middle of day. Not that it needs it but I love to have it linger on my hands and arms since I am CONSTANTLY sniffing it and all it's glory. The lotion is thinner than most lotions but it packs a punch! It takes only a small amount to send the compliments your way. I only use a spot the size of a small pea on my neck and shoulders and it is carried out by the heat of my skin to all around me. Because the scent is so innocent, it's not obstructive or annoying to people. Give this one a try if you want long lasting, amazing scent throughout the day. It may cost a bit more than others perfumes and lotions but you definitely get what you pay for with Lancome Tresor. Sandy


Whitewright, TX


Lancome Tresor Perfumed Body Lotion

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