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Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Absolute Replenishing Lotion SPF 15

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This product gave my skin wonderful results.


I notice results after two weeks of using. It is definitely worth the price. Absorption This product had wonderful absorption quality. I felt like it made my skin very smooth. Doesn't Clog Pores I have very big pores and this product did not clog my pores at all. Effectiveness This product was very effective.



Made me feel like an old lady


I tried this product because a small tub came in a "gift with purchase" from Sephora.com. I'm always willing to give a new product a chance, particulalry free products backed by a good name. I looked this product up online to see how much it retails for...WHEW! it's a pricey one! So I've use it for about 10 days, in many different weaher conditions (Southern California winter - pouring rain one day, santa ana dry the next) and activity levels (laziness, Disneyland, gym, etc.). Here's my lasting impression: - it feels greasy - it makes my skin shiny immediately and if there is any moisture int he air, the shine stays on all day - it smells "old fashioned" - I'm not sure how else to desscirbe the scent. perhaps it just reminds me of products my mom used when I was young. it definitely does not have a fresh small like many other products I've tried.  As for the claims about renewal of skin cells, etc....I really haven't tried it for long enough to be able to throw my two cents in. Pehaps it does all that it is supposed to do. I'm not ready to sport a shiny face for long enough to find out. And the free tub is almost gone, anyway.

San Diego, CA


Lancome anit age defying day/night cream with spf, does what it


Lancocome Age-Defying day and night cream with SPF, is one of my favorite products. As I began seeing changes in my skin tone and texture as I aged, I began looking for a product that would help to liven up my skin and tighten a few wrinkles. I tried several name brand products and a few over the counter products. I found the Lancome product to be reasonably priced compared to some of the other products. I also found that the Lancomb product was not thick and heavy like some of the other products that I used. I actually felt like my skin could breathe. I have sensitive skin and one of my concerns was not to do additional harm to my skin by using abrasive type chemicles. I was pleased to find the Lancome Anti Aging day and night cream to be gentle to my skin, yet it provided the benefits advertised by the product. After two weeks of use I could see a visible difference. My complexion no longer has a sallow look, but a brighter smoother look. My facial wrinkles especially around my mouth were not as deep as they had been before I began using the Lancome cream. I have begun using a number of Lancome products and have been equally pleased with all of the products that I have tried. I would highly recommend Lancome Anti-Aging cream to anyone who has concerns with their skin as a result of the aging process.

Wilmington, DE


best lotion ever used


This product is a little pricy but totally worth the extra cost. it is the best lotion i have ever tried, you can notice the difference in the apperance of your skin almost immedaitly. will never use any other lotion

Langhorne, PA


Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Absolute Replenishing Lotion SPF 15

4.5 4