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LG Pint Dehumidifier

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Works Great for a Large Area, but Poor Durability.


I purchased this Dehumidifier to use in my large finished basement. It worked great at keeping the moisture out of the air and it drained properly for about a year and a half. After about eighteen months it just quit working. It would power on but no longer worked. I made the mistake of replacing it with the same model. This time it was more of the same but only took about seven months for the same problem. It would power on but no longer removed any moisture and the tub where the water is stored was always empty. I finally gave up and broke down and replaced with a higher end model. When dealing with potential mold, you can't risk not having a dehumidifier that doesn't work properly. Effectiveness When it worked, it worked great. There was no point of in-between where it would sort of work. It would go from working perfectly without any warning signs of malfunction and then it would quit working altogether. So when it worked, it was very effective. Safety I gave a low rating for safety because of the purpose of the dehumidifier. It was to keep life-threatening mold from developing in my basement. I'm not sure how long it was not working before I noticed that it was broke because it would still power on. The only time it made a noticeable sound was when it would pump the water out and I wasn't always there when it would pump it out, but I noticed the moisture build up just by walking down into the room. There wasn't any danger of catching on fire or exploding or anything to the touch that could hurt you but again, because of what it does and the fact it wasn't doing it's job, I rated a very low safety rating. Ease of Cleaning All you have to do is wipe off with a cloth and clean the dump bucket portion. Very easy to clean and maintain. Durability I purchased the original unit and it only lasted a year and a half. Then I replaced with the same model because it was effective when it worked, but this time it only lasted slightly over a half of a year. Durability very poor with this model. Design It has a nice cool silver design. It has a hose on the back so when the tank fills up with water it will dump it through the hose. Nice design, looks great and works well, but it doesn't last long.




LG products seem to lack quality with poor customer service


I am extremely disappointed in the service provided by LG for the LHD45EL dehumidifier.  It failed after a little over 1 year with CH01 error code and full bucket light.  The bucket is empty, and nobody at LG will tell me what CH01 error code is.  I issued a warranty request, but nobody ever called me back. After I called multiple times, the solution provided was to travel over 4 hours to a technician or an hour to another. The tech 1 hour away does not return phone calls and is open from 9-3. I would need to take vacation to get there during their work hours. Since he doesn't call back, I'm not even sure he is open. I bought an LG because of perceived good service and products ... guess I was wrong. If someone would just tell what ch01 error code means I would just fix it myself.


Mukwonago, WI


LG Pint Dehumidifier

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