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LG Microwave

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Nice Over the Range Microwave!


This is a great over the range microwave that has settings favorable for those of us with kids. My kids love this microwave because it has kids meal one push button microwave option. They feel like they are professional chefs when they grab that mac and cheese or corndog out of the freezer and take it out and put it in the microwave. All they have to do is hit the kids meal option for whatever they are microwaving and in just a minute or so they have a meal and they did it all by themselves. I love how it makes them feel a little independent and they have to call grandma to brag about how "big" they are now. Energy Efficiency It has an energy star approval and it does just fine. Cleaning Time After the kids microwave some spaghetti o's, uncovered of course, the microwave is splattered with a little bit of spaghetti sauce all over the inside. The rotating tray removes easily so you can put it in the dishwasher and then wipe out and disinfect the inside. It's pretty easy to clean up. Performance It's performance is great. You can use it to defrost items from the freezer and then you can microwave other items at full power and basically whatever the package says to microwave it at you can trust that's the amount of time it takes to cook it. Ease of Use My seven year old daughter uses it effectively. Enough said. Design Looks good and I prefer the over the range microwave to save counter-space in my smaller sized kitchen. Durability It works great and it still operates at full power without any issues and I don't have any complaints whatsoever except the warranty is only two years.



Great Microwave


The LG over-the-range microwave is exactly what I was looking for. It's not too big and not too little. I don't like big, bulky microwaves taking up a bunch of space in my kitchen. This microwave is my first LG appliance I have ever purchased. I always thought LG was a generic brand and thought the appliances made by LG were probably junk. I was wrong. This little microwave is powerful and has a lot of features that make it better than my old microwave. It has humidity sensors that allow me to cook food in it without worrying about it being over or under cooked. The best feature though is the child lock system. My old microwave was sitting on our kitchen counter top and my two little daughters wouldn't leave the buttons alone. Now I don't have to worry about that. I also love how this microwave has the turntable on the bottom and a rack that can be placed above the turntable in the middle. The rack allows me to cook or defrost more food at the same time. I have a family of seven and not a lot of time to waste. I use the kids' meals buttons on this quite often. There is a button for macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Those food items are staples in my household and being able to put them in the microwave really saves me time. They always turn out just right. Never over or under cooked. I recommend this microwave to anyone that wants a microwave that won't scorch food or make it rubbery. This is a great microwave.



LG Microwave

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