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LG 1100 Watts Microwave Oven

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Too many consumer complaints against LG


I have the LG over the range mircrowave oven and at first I was embarrased to say I have it.  But, after thinking about it, if i can save someone some headaches, time and money, it'd be worth it.  My headache begain the first week I had it. The numbers on the microwave didn't work; no matter what you pushed, it wouldn't work. Unfortunately, even though it kept saying to push start, the buttons wouldn't work.  SInce it was under warranty, we had a service tech come over an fix it.  You have to use the techs that LG works with; the closest was 2 hours away.  The tech had me describe the problem over the phone so he could save a trip coming over to look at it, order the part, and have to come back to fix it.  He knew right off the bat what the problem was--the control panel.  The panel is located inside the door so the whole door had to be change.   2 months later, same problem.  We were able to save the tech another trip.  He ordered the same part and came out to fix it.  Now, It's out of warranty and I'm screwed.   I went to the Consumer Affairs site to see if anyone else had a problems with their microwave oven and low and behold, a lot of complaints. There are a lot of problems with LG appliances. Next time, before I buy something, I'm going to research and see if the product is worth the hassel.

Wilbraham, MA


LG 1100 Watts Microwave Oven

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