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LG 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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I purchased this unit on 7/20/11. After mounting the microwave it would not hold it's memory and made a very loud rumbling noise. I Called LG and they would not replace the unit; instead they recommended a repair man. The repair man replaced the cooling fan and said that nothing was wrong with the memory. I Re-mounted the unit again and it worked for 6 days and the memory wouldn't hold AGAIN! I Called LG and they REFUSED to replace this piece of GARBAGE. Again they are recommending a repair man. I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for the repair man. No repair man and LG refuses to replace the unit. Almost 2 months and still no working microwave. Never again will I purchace another LG appliance. This company cannot even stand behind it's product.

Holmes, NY


Love this LG Microwave Oven!


We just updated our kitchen to stainless steel so out with the old counter top microwave and over the range hood and in with this stylish over the range microwave!  I'm 5 ft so the controls being at the bottom of this microwave are perfect for me.  We love the turntable inside, there's no having to stop and rotate your food!  The best feature by far that we've found, it the pull out vent / fan.  It stores under the microwave for normal use but when you've got all four burners going and need a little more ventilation, you can pull this piece out and it covers the entire cooking surface for extra ventilation!  Really neat feature, it was actually the selling point for us, along with the lower control panel.  In fact, this was the only over the range model that we found with the control panel in an area where I could reach all the options.  Easy to wipe clean, inside and out.  Really great buy! 

North East, MD


LG 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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