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LEGO City Train Kit 7989

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Awesome Set


Like most Lego City sets, this one hit a home run. My son received it for Christmas and we couldn't wait to get started assembling it. There is no substitute for Lego. They take me back to my child hood but the new wave is amazing. With detailed instructions we built an entire train set together. Now he has a toy he can play with as well as legos. We can take it apart and do it all over again. Its a great project!

Beverly Hills, CA


The lego city train kit is what every boy and girl needs!


The lego train set kit is the most fun toy from lego yet. Many kids today are wanting more out of building toys. So now legos has created something both boy and girl would like. The lego train set kit. It comes with the trains tracks, the passengers, the city, and of course the train. The train is colored green and very spacious inside for all the lego passengers. You can also attach this train to others and make it an even more longer train. The train is also automatic/manual so you can use the remote to operate whereever the train goes or move the train yourself by hands. It also comes in alot more lego pieces then most train models. So if your chid is skilled at building, he/she would really enjoy the lego train set kit. I bought this item for my brother and cousin and they enjoy it very much. They combined it with there lego city and it looks very awesome. So buy one today for your child.

Bremerton, WA


A Must Have for Lego Collectors


This comes with remote control and a great complete package of train. Here is the detail:  IR remote-Cargo Train is busy unloading and loading! Set includes locomotive, 4 wagons with exciting cargo and lots of rails. There's also a crane, truck and forklift! Batteries not included.No electricity - new IR remote-controlled, 7-speed Cargo Train Deluxe.

Richmond, CA


LEGO City Train Kit 7989

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