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Kraft Live Active Cheese

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I have IBS; Live Active kept me regular.


I'm so disapointed. I can no longer find Live Active cheese. I bought it all of the time because I love cheese and crackers. This was the only cheese that I could eat and not worry about my IBS. Live Active kept me on track. I live in the Birmingham/Hoover, Alabama area. I thought Kraft had stopped making Live Active cheese because it is no where to be found in my supermarkets any more.

Birmingham, AL


Yuck, It's so dry and gross for something that is so expensive!!


Don't waste your money on Kraft's Live Active colby jack cheese. It's dry and dosn't taste like real cheese.It's very crumbly. I've had many different cheese sticks and this is by far the worst!!!! Again, don't even bother trying this cheese. Your better off drinking a glass of milk, at least it's MOIST!! Kraft has always made great products but I guess there was a mistake in the factory or a wrong ingredient. Dont try it, you will waste your money if you really want to know how it tastes just eat some hay with a little bit of parmesan cheese. And I mean like a PINCH of cheese. I don't know what went through Kraft's mind when they decided to put this so called "cheese" in stores. ........my finall comment about this stuff.........***YUCK!!!!!!***

Plymouth, MI


Kraft's LiveActive Cheese Helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Kraft's LiveActive cheese products come in several flavors:  Reduced Fat Marbled Colby Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, and Cheddar. It can be purchased in individually wrapped sticks or in cubes. It promises to promote regularity in fourteen days, but it didn't take that long to work for me. Within a week of eating this cheese product every day, my constipation had disappeared. I called my mom who has suffered from IBS for decades, and she tried this product and pronounced it a miracle. Kraft's LiveActive did for her system what all of the doctor's prescriptions had not. This cheese made it possible for her to leave the house without worrying about an embarrassing accident. She passed the information about LiveActive and its probiotic ingredients on to her sister who had the same kind of problems. My aunt also had excellent results. All varieties of LiveActive are great tasting. This means that it is perfect for children who love cheese but have a tendency to get stopped up if they eat too much. The only problem with this product is that it is sometimes difficult to find on the store shelves.

Somerville, AL


This product is definitely worth buying.


  I have been trying to get healthier lately, but I'm a very picky eater.  One thing I've always loved to eat is cheese.  When I saw commercials for Kraft Live Active Cheese, it sounded like something I should try.  I've known about the digestion-aiding benefits of the live cultures in yogurt for years, but have never really liked yogurt.  When I found out that Kraft made a cheese with the same benefits, I rushed out to the store to give it a try.  The product is sold in two forms: cheese sticks and cheese cubes; and three varieties: cheddar, colby-jack, and mozzarella.  I have tried the cheese sticks in all three flavors, and they are all delicious.  Each stick tastes just like regular Kraft cheeses, but the live cultures contained within really help balance your digestive system in just two weeks.  I would highly reccomend this product to anyone who, like me, would like to be healthier while still eating foods that taste good.

Midland, TX


Kraft Live Active Cheese

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