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Kraft Easy Mac Snack Pack, Original

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Easy Mac is easy to make and tastes just like the original


I absolutely love Easy Mac and so does my husband and son.  It really easy easy to make.  I usually make two at a time since one just doesn't seem to be enough.  I usually take it with me to work.  You just pop the noodles into a bowl and the water ( the package will tell you how much).  Cook for as long as it says and then pull out of the microwave and add in the cheese.  Stir and let cool and it's done.  I usually have to let it sit for a little bit to make sure that it thickens up enough, I am not sure about you, but I don't like runny macaroni and cheese.  The boxes are priced reasonably, I usually only buy when they are on sale though.  I think only either six or eight packs come in a box, but for it to be so easy, I think it is probably worth it.  The creaminess of the macaroni and cheese to me is just as good as the box variety and you don't have to worry if you have enough milk or enough butter in the fridge which makes it all worth it.

Concord, NC


Can't live without Easy Mac!


My daughter absolutely loves this stuff.  She can make it by herself and grabs it for snack time and meal time.  She loves how cheesy it is!  The noodles cook perfectly and are not mushy.  She would eat every day if I let her.  She likes how easy it is to prepare and the short amount of time it takes to get it ready.  The cheese powder blends well and the finished dish is really creamy and cheesy.  She sometimes adds a little milk and maybe butter for a really rich, homemade tasting mac and cheese.  She likes being able to make meals for herself and I feel comfortable letting her make the Easy Mac.  We usually buy them in bulk from the warehouse clubs so they last for awhile in our house.  The directions are really simple, so kids even younger than my 9 year old have no problem making this for themselves.  She's been making her own Easy Mac since she was about six years old.  She's proud of this and I love the convenience and the time it frees up for me!

Athens, GA


This stuff is garbage!


Boy, anyone who claims this stuff is good or that it tastes like the real thing must regularly chow down out of dumpsters or live in a third world country.  This stuff is way overpriced, gross tasting, missing that ingredient called "cheese" and loaded, and I do mean loaded, with chemicals.  What you do get out of this cup is about 1/2 cup of finished product, most of which is the water you added, and 220 calories.  Those of you who like this fake food really out to try ordering some real mac and cheese at a restaurant.  Or better yet, get a recipe from a cookbook and make it from scratch.  Milk, cheese and elbow macaroni.  Now compare that to the ingredient list on the Kraft "stuff".

Farmington, NH


Quick,,,but not same exact taste as Mac & Cheese


My 4-yr old is a little on the picky side and didn't like this too much. I use different brands of boxed macaroni and cheese, everything from Kraft to the Fred Meyer store brand and she always loves it, but there is definitely a taste difference with this product.  I was disappointed because it's really quick, easy and portable but the taste isn't quite up to par.

Boise, ID


A quick and easy snack that children can make themselves.


Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese is a quick and easy snack that my children can make themselves after school. My children likes that it has the same great taste as the original Kraft macaroni and cheese without the wait. I like that it is more nutritional than many of the snacks that they could be having after school. All you need to prepare Kraft Easy Mac is the product, a bowl, water, and a microwave. Put the macaroni and 2/3 cup of water into a bowl and microwave for four minutes. Once the macaroni has cooked add the cheese sauce mix and stir well. Don't be alarmed if it seems runny at first since the sauce will thicken after a minute or so. You will notice that I have twice called this a snack. This is because realistically the serving size is not enough to fill my four-year-old let alone my older children or an adult. While this product does fill the role of a meal it does a great job of filling the role of an after school snack. Even though it is more nutritional than many snacks it has nearly 25% of the daily recommended amount of sodium. For this reason I do not recommend doubling the serving size to make a more filling snack or meal. All in all, if you like the original Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and you aren't overly hungry, I would recommend that you try Kraft Easy Mac.

Hooksett, NH


My kids love it nice warm lunch with lil work on mommy


My kids absolutely love  Mac and cheese i lov eeasy mac  it makes my life simple when the rest of the house doesnt want mac and cheese or they jus twant a  warm lunch its awasome  they love it cant event tell its not the big box stuff they love it

Kansas City, MO


Okay in a pinch, but not the best


I have tried these on several occassions and my impression always is the same. A bit too powdery and chalky tasting. The noodles also tend to come out soggy, no matter how I try to adjust the cooking time. They are okay in a pinch if there is nothing else, but given the choice between these and something else to eat, I'll take the something else.

Whiteford, MD


Kraft Easy Mac Snack Pack, Original

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