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Kodak - Zx1 High Definition Flash Media Camcorder

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Not a good one


I bought this for my husband as a gift. What a huge joke. He hates it. Me being the women that I am don't pay attention to electronic thingys. I didn't know that it had low resolution. So, with that being said i needed to return it. Well guess what being that I purchased it so early in the year and it is after christmas they won't take it back. I would recommend this for a young child to have as their first camcorder but for a parent that wants to record all aspects of their children's lives for them to view later, it just wasn't what I had expected. Again, this is a fine one for a child first video camcorder. Hope this helps.

Venetia, PA


Love this pocket size camera


This camera is great.  I just pulled it out of the box and not only was it affordable but it is everything Kodak said it would be.  I took one picture and one video just to test it before I decided.  I read all the reviews about the camera and had pushed the complete order button and then got worried.  I told myself and my husband we would try it out and send it right back if the negative reviews we read were true.  I turned it on plugged it into my computer and up came the video.  Great picture and clear sound check!  I have not tried to download them yet but even if it is a little tricky still think it is worth the money!!

Clayton, NC


Practice at home first!


This senior citizen is pretty "digital" savvy but beware that this camera does not have ANY word on the controls.  The first time I took it on vacation we ended up buying disposable cameras.  No manual comes with it and I was unable to pull it up online. Then when I got home I asked my young nephew to fool around with it.  He immediately put in the digital card that comes with it and I was able to take more than 200 pictures on my next vacation.  Now I am happy with it and it is very easy to use.  We got caught in the rain in San Juan and the camera was not damaged at all.

Buffalo, NY


Kodak - Zx1 High Definition Flash Media Camcorder

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