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Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera

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Could of been designed better


There are a few good qualities about the Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera and there a few bad concepts about the product as well. First of all it's a cute compact camera with an attractive designed body, features a mike jack, basic clip editing in the camera settings, great sharing capability features and software and the touch screen actually responds and follows the commands easily without freezing or having to constantly touch the screen. The not so bad but troublesome traits are the video quality and a few design issues like the squeaky battery door that I have heard breaks easily within a year (Mine hasn't yet since I am careful with my devices) and not being able to use the full screen for shooting. So the bottom line is that the video quality and slight design malfunctions keep this Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera from being an awesome video camera. I would be wary purchasing from this brand again and plan on looking for a new video camera when it becomes useless; otherwise it's still doing its job as a mini camcorder.



not worth the time of anyone over 12


im unhappy with the firm wear. every time i drop my camera or my battery goes dead i have to re-download the firm wear. so if im out at an event i cant take anymore pictures. Performance it takes good pictures. Battery Life my battery goes dead after an hour of use Durability ive dropped it a few times and it still works Ease of Use the firm wear download is a problem Design i love the style of it

Los Angeles, CA


Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera

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