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Kodak - PLAYSPORT High Definition Camcorder

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It was great...


This camera was fantastic in the beginning. Very durable, great to take to the beach, kayaking, and all of our outdoor adventures. The video quality was fantastic. The pictures were fine, nothing special but they were great to capture things along the way while kayaking without the risk of taking another camera or your cell phone with you. The battery life was fantastic, too. Very easy to take with you places and easy to conceal or put in a pocket. It doesn't do well in low light situations, though. That all being said - it worked great for about two years. Then I went to turn it on and the battery was dead. So I charged it but nothing happened. Normally a little light comes on the side. I thought it may have been the charger so I got a different. Still, nothing. Turns out, after reading reviews, this happens quite a bit to this camera. It is some glitch that if you go to turn on your camera while it is dead, it kills it basically. There are a few ways to get around it and save it but I haven't had luck with it yet.




I freakin love the Kodak Playsport Camcorder


I consider myself to be a bit of a camera guru, as I am a photographer. I needed a little video camera after the one I had unexpectedly died on me. I searched for something that could fill that void and be pretty much indestructable. This is when I found the Kodak PlaySport. This camera is more than I expected. It is shock-resistant and waterproof, seriously how cool is that? I tried it out this summer at the pool with my kids and got some amazing photos and video. The quality of the video is truly crisp and clear, although the camera snapshots are not as good but still hold up. The battery holds up and seriously, I think I charge it about once a month. If you are thinking about buying this camcorder, stop thinking and buy it already. It is truly worth the money especially if you have little kids.


West Point, NE


great video camera for quick videos in HD


This camera has some bugs but mostly in the software and how in interfaces with the PC . The facebook and twitter sharing tools are fine but if I leave it connected to my pc and than try and reboot the PC with it connected it will not boot up the computer is constantly saying there is a conflict between the computer and the camera . This can be a real pain if I forget to disconnect the camera from the PC Performance mine is temperamental with sound I do video reviews and once in a while the sound is very low so that its really hard to hear unless you crank the volume up on the PC you are viewing it on Battery Life its like any other needs to be charged often even if its just sitting for a while Durability fine very durable Ease of Use very easy to use and share Design I like the design of the camera its self but the software very often has problems and crashes and I cant seem to find a reliable explanation for this. I have tried to download updates but there does not seem to be any . also if I leave it connected by the USB and shut off my computer the next day my computer will not boot up because it cant seem to find the program for it so I never leave it connected to the PC


Palm Coast, FL


Perfect for Vacations


I have to say that when I first used this video camera, I was blown away by the HD quality. It's by no means, a professional camera, but for the size, the video quality is very impressive. I've found that the quality is best on the 720, 60 frames per second setting. I recently took this little camera on a cruise, and it took adequate 5mp still photos, as well as impressive video footage. It even accompanied me while swimming with stingrays in Antigua. Although I will say that the lcd is difficult to see in bright sunlight, especially under water. Regardless of the lcd issue, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a very compact, simple to use video camera with decent still photo images.


New York, NY


Love my Kodak playsport video camera!


I purchased a blue (my favorite color) Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera about three months ago and I am glad I did. It is a great little compact video camera. As many of Kodak's other products also seem to be the Kodak Playsport is very easy to use and learn to use. I love that you can insert an sd card so that you can expand your storage space and have more recording time because when I was looking at other cameras similar to this alot of them couldn't use an sd card. I love that it is hd so I can get a sharper image in my videos I take with it. It is also awesome that it is waterproof, although, I haven't been able to try out this feature yet (due to cold weather) I am really looking forward to trying it. I do have a couple of negatives I think I should list. I haven't been able to play my videos on my usual media player that I use which was disappointing since I prefer that media player over the one it will play on. Also, it has a little trouble recording in low light situations. That is my only two complaints, other than that I have been very happy with my new little camcorder and would recommend it others.


Powell, TN


Love this little camera!


 After returning a less than stellar (although cheaper!) pocket cam, we were really wary of buying another. We tend to be a little bit hard on our electronics, and the last one was so flimsy! We love the underwater features! we took it in the pool immediatly to test it out, and it was really clear and pretty. I the regular still camera features are really decent too, although it woulda just been awesome if they wouldve put a small flash onto this thing...it would be great to not have to lug around another "indoors" point and shoot, for situations where you might need a flash. The only complaints really, are the screen is flush with the body of the camera, which makes it super easy to scratch-i would love a more rugged exterior, and a floating strap wouldve been nice, seeing as this camera is made for the water. One other thing that woulda been cool is the ability to use the camera as a webcam. I like things that multi task, as it cuts down on the many chargers, cords and sd cards i have to keep track of. All in all, i love this camera and i can wait till next summer to use it a lot!


Kissimmee, FL


Kodak Playsport HD: Great Quality at a Great Price


I purchased the Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera in Blue for a family cruise. I already have a Sony DVD Camcorder but did not want to risk getting it wet. I also wanted something a little more portable as I was also carrying a standalone Digital Camera. The Kodak Playsport is built on the ZX3 engine in a hardened waterproof shell. The camera takes **excellent **video. It works great underwater. It is an incredible price even at the MSRP. The video I shot in 720p HD was better than what my standalone camcorder shoots. The Playsport also takes pictures. The pictures are decent but keep in mind that the quality will not be that of a standalone digital camera. To get smooth video at the highest resolution, don't forget to get an SD card that is at least a class 4. How would I make this camera better? I would add a light, nightshot and optical zoom. Those are three things my other camcorder does that this one does not. On the other hand I paid 3 times as much for that one and it's not waterproof. There is definitely a need for this type of camcorder and Kodak fulfills it nicely.  


Manassas, VA


Excellent video camera for the money!


I bought this video camera so that I could send my parents abroad a video of my 18 month old opening her Christmas presents on Christmas morning. I received it on Christmas eve and had it set up and working within half an hour (it needs to be charged up - 2 hours to completely charge!). The quality of the picture is excellent and the camera is so easy to operate. I was concerned that, at such a good price, I would be buying junk but I did not need to be concerned about this at all. The only thing stopping me from giving the camera 5 stars is the fact that, while the software is automatically detected when the camera is plugged into one's computer, it is not very user-friendly. I had problems importing the videos, which resulted in not being able to send pictures to my parents on Christmas Day itself. However, I was trying to do 20 things at once on Christmas Day so this could have been a factor (!) Overall, I would recommend this camera for all occasions and purposes. 


Tryon, NC


Even a child can use it..


My 7 year old loves to take pics and video on my cell phone so for his birthday we decided to get him a camcorder.  Because of his age we looked at V tech and Fisher Price items first and although they were durable and easy to use the video quality would be really poor and my son would have gotten bored with it quick.  The kid camcorders didn't hold all that much either.  I then looked into compact camcorders and came across the Kodak.  We already had a couple Kodak products and liked them.  When I looked into the Playsport HD I thought it looked rugged and saw what it was made for.  I then saw it was waterproof up to 10 ft and my son doesn't go into water more than 3 ft, lol.  It's compact but you can use a tripod with it and it holds up to a 32 GB card and you can change out cards as they get filled up.  It also takes 5MP pics.  I love that it is HD too.  Well anyway we bought it for my son and HE LOVES IT !! He takes it everywhere and it is really durable.  Great product for a great price.


Naugatuck, CT


Good for video, not for photo


With my Pentax breaking, and an old camcorder I don't like, I was looking to buy one device that would do both video and photo well, that was lightweight, durable and waterproof. I love this as a simple, lightweight camcorder with good quality. We've taken it scuba diving (less than 10 feet) in a hotspring, and on fall hikes up in the mountains. I would highly recommend it for that purpose. However, for taking photos I would not recommend it. Since photography is not its primary function, it doesn't have a lot of the features you'll see in a typical camera. It doesn't have a flash. It doesn't have a timer. It doesn't have a way to manually adjust the photo settings. The result of that is poor picture quality a lot of the times. It will look fine on the display, but on my computer will be blurry or the colors will be off. We took a lot of pictures on a fall hike of the leaves, but were disappointed with how the pictures looked. The colors were muted. I will probably need to keep my video and photography on different devices, unless I can find one that will do both equally well.


Lehi, UT


Kodak - PLAYSPORT High Definition Camcorder

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