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Knex 521 Super Value Set

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Great for little engineering minds


My seven year old son loves Knex! Some of the pieces can be hard to take apart and he needs my help, but for the most part he can build things all on his own. He will work on building a project for at least an hour sometimes, and is so proud of himself when he finishes. Get your kids off the video games and buy this product!

Callaway, VA


my boys love it


My boys are 6 and 4 and they make swords, boats, flowers, houses, people, axes and many other things by their imagination.  Once we taught them how to play K'nex and they just click and play with it almost everyday.  They really love this toy and I am very pleased to see that.  It is a very educational toy for them to create something unique and special.

Madison, WI




I love Knex they are great learning tools! My hubby is the one who first baught these, i thought they would be to hard for the kids and very complicated. Boy was i suprised when they had a great time from minute one! They sat at the table for over 4 hours building this prodject together and talking turns finding the peices. Dad did help lots! But the 11 year old and 7 year old could have built this alone bu we wanted to include the 4 year old in the building process. NOw our only problem is they are so proud of their work they do not want to take it down so we have a big knex project as a center piece in our dinning room! they love to watch it spin aroound and put little things in side of it for rides! OUr little 2 year old has taken a few parts off of it but we have been able to put it right back together! WE love knex and know that you will love them when you give them a try! Thanks for reading

Allegan, MI


Knex 521 Super Value Set

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