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Single-Drawer Dishwashers
KitchenAid Single-Drawer Dishwasher

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Absolutely a wonderful resort in features




Love it!


With a growing family, comes growing amounts of dishes. We have another full sized dishwasher, but decided to have this drawer dishwasher installed as well, and what a great decision. The washing cycles are quick and effective, and the dishwasher is spacious. I would recommend the KitchenAid Single-Drawer Dishwasher to any family in need of a secondary dishwasher or maybe small families who are pressed for space. Noise Level This is the only downside, this dishwasher is a touch noisy. I usually set it on our way out of work, and try not to use it after the kids' bed time. Cleaning Time Wonderful - cleans dishes so quickly! A must for a busy family! Loading Flexibility It's a single drawer, so obviously you can't get anything super tall in it, but the number of ways you can stack dishes, bowls, pot, and pans is great! Performance I love the effectiveness of this dishwasher, I never have to pre-rinse or run anything through the dishwasher twice. Design Such a great use of space!




Why did we buy this "washer"


My husband and I bought this dishwasher after the one we had for years stopped working. After the first wash, I was not impressed. Noise Level This thing can be heard in New Jersey, and may I say I am in South Carolina. It is the nosiest thing since Martha and the Vandellas. Woke my 10 month old up from a nap. Not good!!!! Cleaning Time Had to put dishes through sometimes twice or rewash them by hand. or some reason it is just not getting the dishes and baby bottles clean. Loading Flexibility Very easy to load and has plenty of space, which I like. My 8 year old can load it just fine. Performance It does the job but it's noise level is ridiculous. Guess you get what you pay for. Design It looks great visually. It is a beautiful design and is very spacious. Durability Overall is very durable and will last long if you take care of it and use it on a regular basis.




Not worth the money.


Compared to our former GE cheap model dishwasher the Kitchen Aid model is excessivly loud and cleans very poorly. The stainless steel door water spots, stains, streaks, corrodes and requires constant cleaning. We expected much more from such an expensive appliance. Kitchen Aid is way over rated.


Vero Beach, FL


the kitchenaid dishwashe is great for kids.


I love love love my kitchenaid dishwasher! When my husband and I were building our new home we went looking everywhere for new appliances and finally settled on all kicthenaid appliances in bisque to match our home decor. We ended up getting the upgraded dishwasher with the steel on the inside of the washer for extra protection. Also the buttons on the upside of the door that when you shut the door the buttons are hid under the counter is a genious idea. I am a mother of two and this has been a complete lifesaver for my husband and I. Not only can I lock the door to my dishwasher I can keep my toddler out of it when i have sharp things i am cleaning. ALSO, I find that I dont have to really clean my dishes when i put them in, saving me time that is valuable to me and my children. Also the different settings allow me to do different tasks. I am not one to boast but I have had it 5 years now and I clean it regularly and it still runs like a champ. A must get if you are replacing your appliances.


Morris, IL


Best Dishwasher ever - you get what you pay for!!!


I live in an area where the water is miserably hard.  There are spot and calcium hardened on everything and it's nearly impossible to get it off.  It seems to ruin everything from pipes to dishes and silverware.  This dishwasher does an outstanding job of cleaning, getting rid of food and leaving no spots.  It also has a food disposer to get rid of all scraps of food.  Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quality dishwasher.


San Angelo, TX


This KitchenAid dishwasher is the best I ever purchased


Over the years we have purchased quite a few dishwashers in our homes and thoughout those years we have changed with the times according to decor and also breakdown of appliance. In recent year  KitchenAid has become our choice because durability and quality.  This is our second one.  We are changing over to stainless steel appliances and we are just so amazed at how quietly it runs and how energy effiencent it is.  I would recommend this appliance to everyone.


Plano, TX


Awesome warranty, impressive customer service.


The top rack had a bottom support bar that rusted with the first year.  I called customer service and they sent out a new rack within 3 days.  Amazing!  And my dishwasher had a warranty on certain parts for  5 years! The dishwasher is doing the best it can to clean our dishes.  Are water is hard and we are pushing it to the limits.  I don't rinse the dishes, and the food is usually cleaned off (limitations--cinnamon, tea stains, some dried up peanut butter).  Noise is not an issue. Would buy again!


Eureka, MO


KitchenAid Single-Drawer Dishwasher

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