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KitchenAid Pro Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer

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Best mixer


This mixer makes it so easy to make cookies or cakes. We use it alot to make cream cheese icing and filling for crepes.

Kansas City MO


I would buy this product again and again


it worked extremely well for me. It doesn't break like the other cooking supplies I used to get.



Good mixer


I have Had this mixer for over 2 years and so far so good. This mixer is definitely a bear to clean but mixing capacity is the best I've used thus far. I haven't bought any attachments for this yet but I will be in the near future!

Elkins WV


I would buy this product 1000 times again!!


I was always dreaming kitchen aid at my kitchen! I love to bake, and i was loosing so much time with mixing and staying there till they mixed well. And finally i bought it😍 i didn't realize any cons till now, it is really perfect! While it's doing it's job, i'm doing something else. It mixes very well, makes bread, cookies, and soo many things.. i really recommend it to everyone, you will thank me later!!

Carmel, IN


Kitchen staple!


Other than being heavy I have zero complaints. Durable and easy to use!



I don't know why I keep buying these


I use mine mostly for breads and cakes. It IS heavy duty, it does have a large capacity, I can mix a double batch of cake batter or cookie dough but... this is 4th one I have had in 11 years and the worst. Even with adjustments the beaters/paddle don't reach the bottom or sides, the motor does not always start at low speed, I have to crank it to high to get it going and then back down the speed. The motor overheats and stops, and there is a shear pin in there that well, shears off at the most inopportune times. DH is an engineer and now keeps a supply of replacement shear pins on hand to do at home repairs for me. When the Kitchenaid is down and I need to mix a batter or cookie dough- I pull out my MILs 60 year old stand mixer. I also have to use the 60 year old mixer for whippig cream as the whisk does not reach the bottom or sides of the bowl. Unfortunately there is not really another home baker option. I looked at a commercial mixer but wiring the kitchen for 3-phase electric was a hard sell.

madison wi


Love, love it!


I have always wanted one but haven't made the purchase yet and then my in-laws bought me one and I couldn't be happier with it! I love everything about it!



I would buy a Kitchen Aid Heavy duty 5-Quart Stand Mixer.


I use the Kitchen Aid Commercial Mixer in my home kitchen preparing specific dishes along with my favorite Sweet Potatoe Pie. The large batches are used for mixing the potatoes and removing the excess strings in potatoes. The. Potatoe mix is smoother, free of lumps, stringless, and ready to pour in the pan. The mixer is Black, stainless steel stand mixer, the beater arm flips up and attachments removed easily. My mixer is five years old, satisfied with the durability, sooth use, and an excellent final product.

JO ANN. Dublin, Ga.


I would buy this product for the rest of my life


This is truly my favorite mixer ever. It's convenient it's easy and it works fabulous. I will always buy these for the rest of my life. I will never again use a hand mixer.

Ocean county New Jersey




I love love love my kitchen aid!!!! Best purchase I've ever made for my baking!! It will change the way you bake that's for sure!!!

Evansville in


KitchenAid Pro Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer

4.8 278