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KitchenAid Architect KGSK901S Gas Range

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Overall this range is a good product. Things I like: Buttons are easy to use, wide variety of settings, user manual is fantastic, lots of storage space, burner size, number of racks inside oven, heat sensor with meat thermometer, self-cleaning oven Things I don't like: Hard to clean stovetop, cooks very hot (hard to follow recipes, stovetop racks are hard to clean and main insert broke (very expensive to replace) Temperature Control The temperature seems to run hot although I haven't tested this with an oven thermometer. Recipes can't be followed to a T, I either have to turn down the temperature or keep checking the food so it doesn't over-cook. Heat Distribution Convection is nice. Durability Stovetop isn't very durable with regards to cleaning it and having it look nice. The enamel appears to be rubbing off. I've had this oven for 5 years. Design Very nice design, it goes with our modern kitchen well. Ease of Cleaning Very hard to clean stovetop. Self-cleaning oven is a plus

Oceano, CA


KitchenAid Architect KGSK901S Gas Range

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