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Tall Kitchen Trash Bags
Kirkland Signature
Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Bags

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I will keep buying this product


These work great! You would never know they're not name-brand, which is great because they're affordable.


Kalamazoo, MI


Not quite that fabulous


These might hold a lot and the price might be good for as many as you get, but they still LEAK. I need a bag to hold things like pineapple peelings. And no, I don't put sharp objects in my kitchen garbage; all that goes to recycle.


Washington State


Good trash bags


Personally, trash bags are something that I hate spending much money on, since they literally go out with the trash. But on the other hand, low quality trash bags are irritating if they spill trash over everything. But these Kirkland trash bags have combined good quality with a relatively low price. The bags are strong enough to hold even a heavier amount of trash without breaking (such as several heavy diapers along with food waste). The drawstrings are pretty strong as well, and they make it easy to pull the bag closed at the top and get it tied shut. A thirteen gallon bag is what we need for our kitchen trash can, and these are well-shaped. Some other bags are designed poorly and do not fill out to the same shape as the can. So the can is filled to the top, but there was empty space around the bag that never got filled, and when the bag is pulled out, it had space left in it. But these bags are well-shaped, filling out the can and filling up the bag. The price (at Costco) is also pretty reasonable for high quality trash bags, and I would recommend them to others.




Great trash bags


These trash bags are the only kind that we buy. They are 13 gallon sized, making them perfect for kitchen garbage cans, as well as for gathering junk mail and other clutter/ trash around the house. They are basic/ light duty thickness, so I wouldn't use them for anything extremely heavy or sharp, but the thickness seems well matched to the size of the bags and they can easily contain a normal 13 gallon can worth of household trash. We have never had one rip on us, even when we push the trash down in the can to fit more in. The drawstring on the bags is great, I don't want to fuss with twist ties or tying knots when emptying the garbage. These only come in a box of 100, but I think that is a plus as it means I only have to think about buying trash bags once a year or so. I also like that these bags aren't scented like some other brands. I always find the scents to be awful and headache inducing. Because these bags are so inexpensive if the trash really smells that bad you can just take it out and stick a new bag in!


Voorhees, NJ


Durable and Economical


I've used Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen bags at home and at work for many years. They fit the tall kitchen garbage cans and I use them in smaller waste baskets too. They are just the right thickness. They are durable and don't tear around the neck or drawstrings during use or when tying shut or carrying, like other brands do. With Kirkland's drawstrings, it creates a snug fit over the lip of the garbage can and helps hold it in place. I love having drawstrings to tie up the bag and carry it to the trash. The handles are a little thicker plastic and more durable, too. The bags don't seem to tear or leak very easily, so you can stuff them full. I've also loaded these bags up with other things than garbage. I've used them to carry, transport, or store items in the garage or car, for example. They hold up over time and can then be re-used. The bags do not have any kind of odor-control, but I don't like other bags that overpower you with scent.




Good Bags


We have been purchasing Kirkland Signature drawstring kitchen bags for many years. They are one of the best kitchen bags we have bought. The price is very good and difficult to beat anywhere else. It's important to me that the kitchen bags don't leak and I have found these bags to work well. Sometimes we have large amounts of trash and these bags seem to hold up to being compressed and stretched some. I sometimes pour liquids into the bags because I don't want grease to go down my sink and clog the drains. I can feel fairly confident that the bags will hold up to these demands as long as sharp objects and things haven't damaged the bag.


Anchorage, AK


Bring back the red drawstrings and old design!


Loved the old bags that fit both my kitchen and garage wastebaskets and closed very easily. Hate the new bags that do not fit either wastebasket properly now. Also the "new" orange drawstrings do not pull together completely and therefore the bag is almost impossible to entirely close. Will not buy these anymore unless the old design comes back.


Gilroy, CA


The Kirkland Signature trash bags are the only ones for me


Kirkland Signature has created the best kitchen trash bag for the price! The drawstrings are awesome, the thickness of the bag is as much as you'll ever need, and the price rocks. You buy one box and they last FORVER! It's great, I never have to worry about buying trash bags because I have a never-ending supply under my sink. And they are super strong as well (okay, we've all seen those bags that stretch out a foot and don't tear, and no, these aren't like those, but come on, who needs that for their every-day garbage? these bags are are high quality though, and they do stretch a little too). I also use these for storage sometimes, like when I need to pack up my kids' clothes that they've outgrown, and they're great for that too. I love these trash bags!


Salt Lake City, UT


Kirkland Drawstring Kitchen Bags are Sturdy and Efficient !


If you ask me, Kirklands Signature Drawstring Kitchen Bags are the best Trash bags available in the market! These come in a big box of 200 bags ( 2 rolls of 100 each) . I keep the box under the sink near my kitchen trash can , so I can easily dispense the bags and use them as and when needed. These bags are big and sturdy and are easy to remove from the box . The drawstring is a big plus and helps to seal off the bag well when it is full. The bags are very sturdy and hold a lot of trash without tearing, ripping or falling apart. They also fit the trash can perfectly and hold up well . They do not sag or droop into the trash can but stay perfect. The bags are also textured which make them strong and sturdy in my opinion. These are also very reasonably priced , and are comparable to other name brand kitchen bags available in the market, at the same time being lower priced. They are economical and work very well. I am very impressed with this product!


Nashville, TN


Garbage bags can't get better than this!


My mother-in-law introduced me to Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Bags.  I never had put a lot of thought into garbage bags before.   I probably chose the least expensive brand, with mixed results at times.  I like that the Kirkland bags come 200 to a box.  This lasts my family at least five months, so I don't have to constantly purchase trash bags.  The box stashes nicely under my sink area.  The 13 gallon size fits well with most tall garbage cans.  These bags are smooth and very heavy duty.  My husband carries the full bag down a flight of stairs and into the garage.  In the two years we have used Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Bags, we have never had one bag break or leak.  That's an effective product, considering at times I might dump lots of liquid from a crock pot, grease or other disgusting substance into it.  I really appreciate the drawstring feature.  This is labeled as "Drawtape" and is a remarkable feature.  When I priced these bags out, they were about half the cost of the higher end name brand bags.


Saint Paul, MN


Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Bags

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