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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

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I wanted to love you.


I really wanted to make this a staple in my skincare. I bought my mom a container and she loved it! I was so excited because this was basically the moisturizer of my dreams. Upon use, my face started burning very badly. The stinging went away after a while, and I'm not scared of a little tingle. The moisturizer did exactly it's job and it did have some white casting on my skin, but I don't believe it said to be a non-white casting spf. Unfortunately every time I used this, my face would burn very badly. I decided it wasn't worth the pain or redness, and gave the product to my mom. I rated this 4 stars because I do believe it's a great product, just not for my face.

Katy, TX


Great everyday moisturizer


After moving from a very moist and humid climate to a very cold and dry one I was recommended this moisturizer for my dry and cracking skin. It has been perfect. The cream is very light and doesn't go on super thick but is still very moisturizing. Most creams that are super moisturizing are heavy while this one is not. There is spf in it which is great at protecting your skin but it doesn't feel like normal sunblock nor does it smell bad, it actually smells nice. Effectiveness My skin has not only felt softer but also looked great with using this product. I also don't have to worry about breakouts when I apply this to my face. Ease of Application The cream goes on smooth and is a great base for foundation. It is light so you don't feel like you have several layers on your face when you add your other makeup to the routine. Scent The scent is very neutral but pleasant smelling. It doesn't smell stale like most creams but very fresh.



Can't even tell you are wearing it.


I really love this moisturizer!  It is so light that I can't tell I am wearing it. Also the smell is pleasant and not like sunscreen at all.  I have tried several different types of moisturizer containing sunscreen and all have been not only thick, but they smell like i am wearing a vat of sunscreen, and after I have put it in, I can see it on my skin like a thin white layer of lotion. This is not the case with Kieh's.  It is super thin and sinks into your skin quickly, leaving it feeling nice and soft. I have sensitive and combination skin and this still seems to work quite nicely for me.  It is nice to know that I am wearing something that not only feels good on my skin, but it is doing something good by protecting me from the sun. Although Kiehl's products are not cheap, they really aren't that expensive either, especially for something as important as sunscreen.  It is important to invest in something that works well and is a benefit to your skin.  Although it may not work for others, I am happy I found it.

San Francisco, CA


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

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