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Kenmore Stainless Steel 1.1 Cubic Feet Countertop Microwave

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No complaints about the Kenmore Stainless Steel Microwave


I have had this Kenmore Stainless Steel microwave for over five years now and I haven't had a single problem with it. It works great. It has sensors and controls for lots of various settings and they all work great. It's easy to make popcorn. It automatically senses when it's done. No more burnt popcorn! The styling is great. It looks nice with all your other appliances and it's very easy to clean. I like the defrost setting too and use it all the time. There are additional settings for things like frozen meals, etc. and you get great results. The Kenmore line seems to always be reliable and relatively inexpensive and they do have good products. I had lots of problems with my old microwave which was a Kitchen Maid so this one is a dream.

Hawthorn Woods, IL


Kenmore Wins with this microwave


Aestetically speaking this microwave is awesome. Eye popping stainless steel catches anyone's attention, however we have to focus on the important stuff. Does this heat properly and is it easy to clean? Yes, and Yes. The popcorn setting works great, not a single kernal burned. The defrosting settings work well and keep me happy since I absolutely have no time to defrost long term in the fridge. Heating buns works well with the preset, however i find it easier just to punch in time and cook. I wish it was a hang type instead of countertop as it's quite large for my kitchen, but it will work until I get the money for an overhead. The actuator for the door works well and i don't feel like i'm going to break it when I touch it, so that's a plus. I'd recommend you take a look at a display model to determine if 1.1cf will work for your kitchen and food needs, but for the normal family, this isn't an issue. I'd recommend this.

Mobile, AL


Kenmore Quick Touch micro is my handy countertop kitchen helper


A KENMORE quick touch countertop microwave was one of the things we purchased a couple years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. It is an average microwave all the way around. I think the quick touch feature was over rated on this model. I think the only quick touch button we use on this Kenmore microwave is for the popcorn and for the baked potato. The microwave is pretty powerful and i find that if you use the popcorn button you will always burn your popcorn. This model of the Kenmore has a child lock that i have personally never used i just taught our son how to use the microwave but i guess that would be a cool feature if you had toddlers. The interior of this model has a class tray that is round and it turns to help cook the food more evenly. We use our Kenmore microwave almost daily for one little thing or another. We mostly use it to reheat or quick heat things like side dishes and i am a tea drinker and like to quick heat water for a cup of tea. This micro wave is sorta large and i regret that now as it takes up a lot of counter space!

Charlton City, MA


Kenmore Microwave is really cool


**I have had my Kenmore Sensor Microwave for nine years now and I really got to say that I love this microwave. It is really easy to use and to progam. I like the sensors featured on it. It is nice when making popcorn. It uses its sensors to pop the corn to right time. If you have one of the mini bags of microwaves it will cook it to the right enough time to pop all the corn and does not burn it. I don't use the beverage button since I lot my beverages really hot so I cook them on a hundred and fifty minutes. It is nice when you have to bake a potatoe in the microwave. Just wash the potatoe wrap a paper towel around it and place it in the potatoe bag and punch the potoatoe button on the Kenmore microwave and it cooks it to the right time. The microwaves are a lot better now then they wore when they first came out.  I like to the fact that this Kenmore microwave has not broken down in the past nine years and it runs very well with no problems. You can mount it under a cabniet or set them on a counter. It is easy to cook things in a Kenmore Sensor micorwave and it is easy to clean. I recemend that if you need to replace or want to buy your first mircowave try geting a Kenmore Microwave. You will not be sorry, trust me I haven't had any problems with mine!**

Oakland, NE


Kenmore Stainless Steel 1.1 Cubic Feet Countertop Microwave

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