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Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum - Red Pepper


Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum - Hardwood & Carpet

The Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum offers a smooth transition from carpet to bare floor and vice versa with an agitator shut-off switch. This vacuum also has Kenmore's Power-Flow feature, which keeps air flowing through a dual chamber even when the bag is full. Ideal for homeowners with allergies, the Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum uses HEPA Media filtration to trap dust, dander and pollen, leaving you with cleaner floors and cleaner air. The super handy performance indicator notifies you if you need to change or check the bag.

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Better than a bagless


I used to buy bagless vacuums all the time. Every year I had to get a new one because they either burned out or just shut down. I thought they were better for the air quality in my home. I recently switched over to this vacuum and I am happy I did. I have a dog who sheds a lot and a cat. I am vacuuming at least three or four times a week. When I used to use the bagless vacuums, every time I emptied them I felt like half the dirt, dust, and dog and cat hair would fly up in the air. I feel like I'm breathing in some of that junk. I switched to this vacuum and all that junk that gets sucked up is in the bag and it all goes right in the garbage and not in the air. I can use it all over the house. It picks up all the animal hair and crumbs from the kids. Good vacuum for people with pets and kids.

Cleveland, OH


Quality Basic Vacuum


Overall, I am rather pleased with our purchase of the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum. While it is not a top of the line vacuum, we do not have pets that shed and I did not feel the need to purchase one of the more expensive pet friendly ones. Unfortunately, the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum is a little heavier than I was hoping for, especially since we have stairs with carpeting. Thankfully, the suction on our Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum makes up for it. I only have to worry about going over the stairs once, or any flooring for that matter. I believe that it helps the situation that we have carpeting that is on the shorter side. In addition, we have used it on solid surface floors with decent results as well. It has not scratched our hardwood. I am easily able to maneuver around the corners of our house and the various pieces of furniture that get in the way. The foot petal that makes the upright portion of the vacuum raise and lower has excellent placement on the vacuum and does not get stuck. I have not had an incident where it accidentally releases either (yes, I have had that issue with a previous non-Kenmore vacuum and that was part of the reason it got replaced with this Kenmore). While researching vacuums, I read that the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum clogs easily. However, I think that this might just not be the vacuum for pet owners and seeing as how I do not have any four legged friends that live at my house, I have not had the same clogging problem. Thank you Kenmore for producing yet another amazing vacuum made with quality and built to last. While we have only had our vacuum for eight months, I know that when it finally comes time to replace our Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum that I will be purchasing another Kenmore vacuum.



Somewhat Disappointed


I needed a vacuum cleaner to use in my apartment that was easy to maneuver, store, and empty. I've had problems in the past with vacuums that didn't last very long and was in need of a more durable model. While this vacuum has been working for over a year now, it's not the best when cleaning a hardwood kitchen. I prefer to vacuum rather than sweep, and it was disappointing to see that this model doesn't efficiently clean up crumbs, dust, and other dirt particles. The vacuum works decently on carpet, and there are multiple settings to adjust for the surface you are working with. Luckily, this Kenmore model is easy to empty and store. It seems like it would be an ideal model for someone who lives in a small living space largely covered in carpet. But if you live in a home with hardwood floors, stick with a broom and mop.



Great on carpets; horrible on floors


I bought this vacuum cleaner when my home had wall-to-wall carpeting. It came with a hepa filter and was very thorough at cleaning my carpet, but even with the hepa filter, my allergies persisted. I finally had to pull up all of the carpet due to health issues from the carpeting. So now I have a vacuum that is great on carpets, but no carpet except for throw rugs. This vacuum has such powerful suction, that it practically sucks my throw rugs into the machine. This is not good, and I find myself having to put my foot down on one end while I 'gingerly' vacuum the other end. I must say that for all of my effort the throw rugs look great after vacuuming them. Here is the big problem, though, which gave this vacuum only a 5. The Kenmore Progressive only has one tube to attach to the hose when cleaning floors. I am only 5'1" tall and I have to bend way over in order to clean my floors and it kills my back. If I had to do it again, I would never buy this vacuum unless even my kitchen and bathroom were carpeted, too. Doing a small room isn't so bad, but imagine having to clean your entire house while bending way over. I can only imagine how painful it is for a tall person to use. Here's another problem. The wand is not long enough to vacuum cobwebs from along the ceiling unless you are tall. I will be reading other vacuum reviews, for I am now in the market for a new vacuum. I almost forgot, this vacuum is heavy. I have a two story house, and it is awful trying to lug this thing up and down the stairs. Maneuverability Maneuverability is great on wall-to-wall carpeting; horrible on floors. Ease of Maintenance It's ok. Never had a problem that needed use of the warranty. Suction Performance Great suction on carpets; suction sucks on floors. Versatility Not very versatile considering you have to break your back bending over to clean floors.

Middleboro, MA


Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum - Red Pepper

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