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Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum

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Vacuum is worth every penny!!


I upgraded my twenty year old version of this vacuum with a newer model when we replaced the carpeting approximately seven years ago. I wanted to ensure that the vacuum would help keep the new carpet looking good for as long as possible. As long as the bag is changed when it is full, this vacuum works without any issues at all. It will tell you when the bag needs emptying. It stops cleaning as well and there is a red box that lights up on the canister than warns that it isn't working efficiently. This vacuum came with several attachments that help with the cleaning process. They are stored in the top of the canister. It has a telescoping wand for cleaning areas that are normally too high to reach. The powerhead is lighted and it has a red light that indicates when it is picking up debris. This machine has powerful suction that helps the pile on the carpeting stand up. It works well on many different surfaces. The hose lets you select low, medium, carpet or bare floor. This vacuum continues to be a great investment.

SmallTown, TX


This Kenmore Progressive vacuum really gets the job done!


I know upright vacuum cleaners tend to be more popular but I grew up with my parents using a canister vacuum. When I was buying new appliances for my new house, there was no doubt I wanted one of these. It moves around with ease and is great for both carpet and hard floors. It as a couple of power settings so that you can engage the brush when on carpet or leave it off when on a hard floor. It has GREAT power and doesn't ever fail to pick up all the dust and dirt my kids generate. It's fitted with a Hepa filter which helps with my families allergies. It has 3 extra tool attachments that store neatly inside the vacuum when they're not being used. Because of the tools the vacuum is so versatile and allows you to use it for ANY job!

River Falls, WI


This Kenmore vacuum is awesome!


I have to say I am really glad I bought this vacuum because it is so easy to use and it sucks things up very, very well! It is it has a lot of different attachments to interchange with, which are easy to change. The mini electric brush is great for small areas, such as the sofa. The bristles on the small attachment are so soft that you can use it to vacuum your lamp shades or curtains! It is not too loud and it does a very good job at vacuuming dirt from carpets or bare floors. I love that the on/off switch is on the handle so you don't have to bend down or step on the canister to turn it on. The width is also wide so you don't have to go back and forth too much over your carpet. I highly recommend it!

New York, NY


great if you love a canister


This is not my first Kenmore Elite vacuum.  I love love love them.  My first lasted me around twenty years I believe and still works, but I replaced it so I could give my old one to someone else in need of a vacuum.  I love the canister on it.  The attachments work really well.  I use it to clean my furniture, walls, hard wood floors, laminate bathroom floors, and hardwood flooring throughout my home.  The cord retracts very easily.  I do not like the fact that you get hung up on corners with a canister, but that is not because of this vacuum.  Any canister vacuum I have used runs in to this problem and that is because you have a canister following you around.  The suction on this vacuum is great too.  I can fill a lot before having to empty it.  I rarely have to go over the same spot twice to pick up something on the floor.  I do not have to sweep my floors when I use this because it picks up everything.

Fletcher, NC


Kenmore Progressive is a great vacuum!


I bought my Kenmore Progressive 360 Swivel Vacuum a few years ago and have been very happy with it!  I did a lot of research before buying it.  As I recall, it was top rated by Consumer Reports.  One of the draws for me is the hepa filter.  We bought the Kenmore Progressive 360 Swivel Vacuum shortly after finding out that our daughter had high level of lead in her blood.  The hepa filter will screen out lead and that was obviously important to us.  We have an old home with lead paint so we want to clean up any dust thoroughly.   The Kenmore Progressive 360 Swivel Vacuum is very easy to use.  I love all of the attachments and use them frequently.  I use it to clean all of my floors (carpet, rug, hardwood, tile and vinyl).  I also use the Kenmore Progressive 360 Swivel Vacuum to dust all around the house, clean my drapes and clean the couch.  It is easy to use on the stairs thanks to the canister.  

Portland, OR


Kenmore Progressive 360 is a bulky and hard to manage on stairs


I like Kenmore products however it seems most have gone electronic allowing for greater risk of breakage.  This always leaves me wondering if the extended warranty is truly an ideal value and whether there may be a better product on the market I should consider.

Sparks, NV


Kenmore Swivel Vacuum makes cleaning a breeze


When looking for a new vacuum, look no further then a Kenmore Progressive 360 degree Swivel canister vac.  Everything you need to make cleaning an easy chore: light weight, long retractable cord, tools on board, 360 degree hose rotation, and hepia filter.  Handle is where you will find your on/off switch and control for carpet and bare floor.  Power head has head light to see and edger to help you get close to the walls for cleaning.  Bag indicator for changing and to warn of clogs.  Great vacuum for the money.

Maricopa, AZ


What a wonderful little vacuum cleaner!


I bought this Kenmore Progressive 360 Vacuum cleaner to replace my Eureka bagless vacuum cleaner. This has twice the power and is much easier to use. My husband has allergies and the hepa filter is a plus. The 360 swivel makes it easy to clean around furniture and under beds without the hose getting twisted. I love the thumb switch that lets you go from carpet to floor. The extra attachments are enclosed in the convenient compartment on the vacuum cleaner and remove with ease. Quick release handle lets you attach extra attachments almost effortlessly. The extra long cord means I can vacuum farther without having to stop and move the plug as often. The vacuum bag is easy to remove and replace. Overall I think this is the best vacuum cleaner I have had in several years! Even the pretty red color is nice! I would recommend this anyone looking for a good but relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner!

Wynne, AR


Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum

4.6 8