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Kenmore Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Kenmore sewing machine


My wife has been sewing on an old singer machine for over 20 years. Over the years I've watched her struggle with that machine over and over. I told her to go pick out a new one several times but she just kept fighting the old machine and getting by. I finally decided to do something about it but I know nothing about sewing. I finally got my sister in law to go with me shopping. Well, this is what she suggested so come our anniversary, this is what my wife got. I'm proud to say that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She loves it and now, instead of fighting the machine, she actually enjoys her sewing again.

Panama City, FL


My Kenmore sewing machine is the best appliance i own.


I have had my Kenmore sewing machine for 8 years. I have made countless clothing items, decorative items, quilts and gifts on it. It is so easy to use it allows my imagination to sore and my creations come to life easily.It's light weight construction makes it easy to take with me for repairs for family members, althought it has all metal construction. When replacing a zipper in a favorite pair of my sons jeans, i hit one of the teeth in the zipper and bent the needle around like a "C". I thought I had really damaged it because it wouldn't sew correctly after that. As it turns out i had scratched the needle plate when I bent the needle and the thread was getting caught and breaking or causing missed stitches. I was able to order replacement parts from sears at a miniscule price and she has been running fine ever since. My Kenmore sewing machine is one thing, behind my kids and pets, I could never leave behind.

Seneca, SC


Kenmore Mechanical Sewing Machine

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