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Kenmore Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Can Take A Beating


I was given this from my mom and dad when I was 9 or 10 years old and at a low cost it wasn't a huge financial loss to them. It is nice for a beginner sewer and one more advanced. Fast forward 10 years and I am still using this bad boy...I just finished a sewing order of over a 100 baby pants and am also sewing hardcore for my sewing buisness. Every once in a while the thread gets wonky and its a pain to get the tension right but it is nothing hardcore. I still have yet to get it service or even the light bulb changed. I bought a Brother Project Runway Machine because I thought I it was time to retire my Kenmore Let me tell you something I returned that machine within 24 hours and went straight back to my beloved Kenmore. The downside is not and cool decorative stitches but everything else is fantastic on it and if you can find this machine I highly recommend it!


Morgantown, PA


Simple to use, yet does everything I need


After much fretting over features and models and reliability and price points, I selected this machine.  I have been using it steadily for the past four months, and I think it was a great choice for me.  It's simple.  It's light.  It's easy to set up.  I didn't pay for any expensive features I don't need or would use maybe once a year.  Some features sound better in theory... but are they really worth spending 2 or 3x the price?  Perhaps such a simple and straightforward machine isn't right for everyone, but it's just right for me. My favorite aspect of this Kenmore Sewing Machine is how easy it is to thread.  It doesn't jam up, and it's easy to clean.  I had no problem finding compatible accessories for a reasonable price. I have done quilting and garment sewing so far.  The sewing machine was large enough to sew a lap-size quilt with no problems.  I am confident it would do fine with a larger project.  


Schenectady, NY




All Kenmore machines are garbage.  They are really inexpensive, but if you sew more than about 30 minutes a month, expect to have it in the shop more than in your home.  I've gone through 6 in the last 4 years and have always bought the 2 year service plan, so i've had them replaced after it's been fixed twice.  The tension goes out ALL the time and they have to be serviced to fix it.


Minneapolis, MN


Kenmore Mechanical Sewing Machine

3.7 3