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Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 77449

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Very Disappointed with the Kenmore Gas Range


We purchased all Kenmore appliances shortly after moving into our house.  Historically Kenmore has been a great name.  Both my husband's family and my family loved Kenmore brands.  That being said, we have had so many problems with our Kenmore appliances it is hard to count how many times the repair man has been to our house.  The entire control panel on the stove has been replaced twice.  We took into account we may have bought a lemon, but all of the other appliance have needed multiple repairs also.  We are not hard on our appliances.  They get normal use and we take care of them.  Buying appliances is a big purchase, you hope when you purchase them that they will last.  When we finished our basement we had to choose appliances for the kitchen area there and decide Kenmore was too much of a risk.  We went with Whirlpool.  The irony here is that some Kenmore appliances are made by Whirlpool.  We have had our appliances in the basement over five years and not had any problems.  I will never buy another Kenmore appliance.

Westlake, OH


Bad Choice for me


  I have had an electric stove for 30 years but with a recent furnace conversion to gas I decided to get a gas range. I decided on Kenmore for its reputation and resonable prices for quality. I chose this model for its looks, energy savings and enhanced performance options.   Performance: I am an avid gardener and can alot of what I grow. It now takes me twice as long to process a pot of tomatos. A gas stove takes a long time to boil a large pot of water. My stove has a "power burner"??? This is a high BTU burner that is supposed to boil water faster.  It doesn't. I get better performance from the regular burners. So this was an added expense for no benefit. The simmer burner is also a waste.   Energy savings: I work full time and am tired when I get home. I don't like spending extra time cooking but this seems to be what I do. The energy savings of gas over electric seems to be small when it takes longer to cook.   Looks: I chose a black model and it does look nice but is a nightmare to keep clean. It magnifies every grease splatter and dust speck. It smears when cleaned. Windex and paper towels are the only way to clean it. The cast iron grill grates are gloss painted and VERY slippery. I have to use extra caution to keep the pot on the burner. I am hoping with time these will wear a little and become less slick.   On the plus side the display settings are easy to use and the oven cooks well.  But....If I could do it over, I'd choose a white electric range.  

Cedarville, NJ


Kenmore stove has been a dream to cook with.


We bought this range when we were remodeling out kitchen. We decided to go with black appliances after hearing how hard it is to keep stainless looking nice. This range has a lot of impressive features, anti tip which is improtant with small children. It has a power burner, 14,200 btu's, a simmer burner, 500-5,000 btu's and two regular burners with 9,500 btu's. I opted to get the optional drip pans, thinking it would keep my stove looking nicer. This Kenmore range has an extra large window which was important to me, and 5.0 cubic feet of interior space. This may be of no interest to anyone else but this is the first stove I have ever had that has a storage drawer. I was thrilled to find that out. I have a huge set of pots and pans and this provides me with the extra storage I needed. I cook and bake a lot and have never had a problem with this range. I asbolutely love it. The only bad thing I have to say about it is, I bought it thinking it would be easier to keep clean, oh how untrue that is! You have to polish and shine this thing several times a day if you don't want to  be embarrassed. It shows every water spot, grease mark and dust that seems to accumulate within 5 minutes of dusting it off.

Wellsville, PA


Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 77449

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