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Kenmore 639S Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Great Value, Easy to Use


I wanted it because of the small size and simplicity of use, but have had some issues with the bobbin sticking. Stitch Performance When the bobbin doesn't get stuck, the stitching looks very nice. My sewing looks just as good as my mom's, even though she uses a high-end Singer. My husband adjusts the tensioner every few sewing sessions, and this helps the bobbin work like it should. Ease of Use It's a very straightforward, easy machine to learn. If you took a highschool home economics class, you can use this machine. If you didn't, it might take about 5 minutes to learn. Fabric Handling I use mine on the edge of a table, and even large fabric goes through easily. Thick fabric, on the other hand, may break your needle. I've broken several needles going through the thick seams in jeans. Versatility I've sewn all types of fabrics with the machine, and it consistently gives good quality results. Design The design is very simple, and I think even children could operate it with supervision. Durability The thread holder broke off at some point, and it looks like this particular piece of plastic is very thin and possibly low quality. I haven't looked for a replacement piece, but have instead been placing the thread on top of a toothpick sticking out from where the holder used to be.

Boise, ID


Kenmore 639S Mechanical Sewing Machine

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