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Keiser University - Culinary

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Not what I thought


Hi there. I was thinking about going back to school. Since the economy is bad and I'm am actually working but would like to make more I looked into these school. I jut think there was no value in paying 50000 dollars. My mistake was not going to school when I was 18 and going straight in and getting hat traditional college education. I got married at 20. And then started working. I wanted to let everyone know to be careful and do your homework. These school take advantage of people unerworked or unemployed by selling you hope. They told me they would find me an externship -that wasn't true. And then I had to take all these courses like English and Algebra at Keiser University. I'm in my 30's. Why do that ?  And I can't see the price to value benefit. To be in 50 grand in debt now. And one I graduate, its see you later. I'm just saying be careful of these online schools and do you homework, before going in. We actually found that Publix groceries has a culinary program. I mean I am a good cook. I could teach. There are some things you don't have to go to school for.  

Clearwater, FL


Keiser University - Culinary

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