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Kawaii Cloth Diaper

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The diaper itself is awesome, the customer service is not


Buying directly from is a pain in the rear, they are hardly ever stocked and the few times they are stocked they sell out before you can complete the checkout process and you lose out on getting the great deal through them. I bought from one of their resellers, paid a bit more, but after receiving the diapers and using them for awhile I am happy. I use their bamboo inserts and those things absorb a bazillion ounces of urine, the diapers fit my daughter awesomely, I'm not a fan of the microfiber inserts as they end up stinking over time and you have to strip them religiously. My daughter is 18 months and is on the second snap setting in the rise, I'm positve these are going to last her through potty training.

Wolsey, SD


Kawaii diapers are a good value!


I was researching the many kinds of cloth diapers available when I was pregnant with my baby. I decided on a stash of mostly prefolds but I wanted to have a few pocket style diapers for on the go or for dad or for grandma to use. Kawaiis are a very inexpensive pocket diaper option. They seem very well made. I have had mine for 3 months and the outsides still look brand new. The stitching is great and the velcro is very strong. 3 of my Kawaiis have microfleece on the inside and one has suedcloth. I far prefer the suedcloth one, as the microfleece ones are getting pilly. This does not affect the function of the diaper at all it is simply a cosmetic issue. I started using these when my baby was 3 months old, and on the smallest setting it was still quite bulky on her. 2 months later it is still quite bulky but I like them for naps because they hold a lot and keep her feeling dry. They are also very cute. I have never had a leak or a problem with them.

Long Valley, NJ


Good diapers, but stitching came undone


I researched cloth diapers extensively and decided to try Kawaii diapers after decided I liked the one size diapers best and reading good reviews about them. I bought 4 to try them out and washed them per the instructions. The top row of stitches started coming undone after one wash. The lady was very nice and gave me and refund, but then a few weeks later the velcro started coming loose on another one. I don't know if I just had bad luck or if the sewing job is generally poor on these, but I probably won't be purchasing more. They also leak quite a bit, although it could just be user error as I haven't double stuffed them and probably don't change them as frequently as should. They are an excellent price, and I would be happy with them if it weren't for the stitching coming loose.

Spring, TX


Wonderful diaper for your money!


When I first saw the price of the Kawaii diapers, I was in complete disbelief. HOW could a diaper that had the same features as so many on the market be less than half the price?! I decided to try them. I first bought a couple of the heavy duty velcro diapers (love the lime and red!) and a bunch of the ultra-soft square-tab pockets. The prints on these diapers are SO CUTE! And the TPU is a great new alternative to the PUL fabric that is usually used in a pocket diaper. The fact that TWO inserts were included with each diaper was a major selling point. I could make them night-time diapers without extra cost! The diaper is very durable. The material stays nice and soft (we only have the microfleece inners) and the snaps are very hardy. I've seen some complaints about the width, but for us they were actually thinner in the crotch than fuzzi-bunz. When I use two inserts, these are the ONLY diapers that are leakproof at night for my 18 month-old daughter. The only thing that bothers me is that she is finally starting to outgrow them! She is a fairly chunky-thighed 18 month old, and at almost 24 pounds is almost to the biggest setting we can get with the snaps. The velco ones we have will last longer. I suppose if she starting walking and lost some of the thigh fat that they will fit longer. I will most definitely be buying more of these for the new baby on the way! What a great find!

Dufur, OR


Kawaii Pocket Cloth Diapers are affordable and cute


I love that Kawaii Cloth Diapers are affordable compared to some cloth diapers out there. They come in many colors and very cute prints. There is even a very soft minky versions to choose from. They come with two microfiber inserts (when bought new) in two different sizes. It is a one size diaper so that you can adjust it to the size of your child. There are three size levels. You can choose from applix or snap closures. They are pocket diapers and you stuff them from the back. There is a flap so that the insert does not touch babies skin. The only problem I have is that the elastic in the waist and legs is almost too strong and leaves marks. I have used this diaper on my son and niece and it leaves marks on both. They are not bad enough to for me to stop using them though. And I have not had problems with leaking and this could be due to the tighter fit. The fit on this diaper is not as great as some of the other diapers I have. These reasons are why I am giving 4 out of 5 stars.

Fort Worth, TX


Kawaii Cloth Diaper

4.0 5