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Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal

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Sweet cinnamon floods your mouth with flavor


This is the best cereal ever. It is the wholesome grain you need but sweet cinnamon just floats out of the biscuit. In milk, it is almost a treat. And it is organic! try it, you will eat it every day! It is a bit on the pricey side but if you call the company, sometimes you can get coupons.


Toledo, OH


Strong Cinnamon Flavor In Every Bite


Kashi has come out with a new cereal in which I received a sample. I decided to try this for my breakfast this morning. I enjoyed eating this as the cinnamon flavor is strong tasting and in every bite I took. This reminded me of an old time favorite cereal of mine which was Shredded Wheat as these are bite size versions of it with the added cinnamon flavor. This is something I will be looking for in my stores. I enjoyed the cinnamon as a wake up breakfast food which stays firm in the bowl for quite a while. I am not one to have soggy breakfast cereal so I was pleased that this was not the case at all. This cereal is listed as USDA Organic but one would never know that unless you read it on the box. It has a high quality taste which is sure to please. This is a good source of fiber to start your day off right. **Nutrition:** Calories per serving are 110 and the calories from fat are zero. There is no fat, no Saturated fat, no Polyunsaturated fat and no Monounsaturated fat in this product. There is also no Cholesterol and no Sodium in this cereal which is a tremendous plus for anyone who is especially watching to keep these items out of their diet. This is higher in Potassium as it has 105 mg in a serving. Total Carbohydrates are 27 grams, Dietary Fiber is 4 grams and the Insoluble Fiber is 4 grams. There is no Soluble Fiber in this product. There is Sugar in this which is 6 grams and the protein content is 4 grams. **Contains: Wheat** **Ingredents: **Organic Whole Grain Wheat, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Cinnamon and has Natural Cinnamon Flavor.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Cinnamon Harvest Kashi Cereal


I received a sample of this cereal today and we snacked on the pieces. Tasty and light on the cinnamon. I will buy next time I need more cereal. Organic whole grain wheat, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cinnamon, natural cinnamon flavor.


Harris, MN


Kashi Cereal Cinnamon Harvest is our permanent breakfast staple


We love the Kashi brand but the Cinnamon Harvest is a staple at our breakfast table. It has the right amount of cinnamon to not be an overpowering flavor. Then the natural health benefits of the Kashi brand, makes it an easy choice for my family and our nutritional needs. I would recommend this to anyone....who will listen :)


Yuba City, CA




When I met my husband he never ate breakfast.. nor lunch! Frankly, I don't know how he made it throught the day on coffee alone. I, on the other hand, have always been a cereal in the morning kind of person. As much as I tried to get him to try some he wouldn't go for it. Then, one of his "foodie" friend told him about how much he loved Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and how much breakfast was important. Don't you know, the next week he is eating this cereal and going on to me about how important it is to start the day with a healthy breakfast  and that he didn't want to eat mine because he felt they were not healthy enough. hahaha. Hey, if a little extra nutrition and cost will get him to eat breakfast, I'm in! Yes, the down side is the cost. I tend to stock up on these when I can find them on sale. I have tried them myself now and think they are great - just the right amount of crunchy and cinnamon!


Malvern, PA


Kashi Autumn Harvest - try it to believe the goodness


I know this is supposed to be the review for cinnamon harvest but I haven't tried that one yet. I have tried the other version which is Autumn Harvest and boy was I surprised. One of my favorite cereals is Frosted Mini Wheats, but there is so much sugar in it that I was trying to find a more healthy alternative. I was strolling down the isle and saw Kashi's Autumn Harvest. I put it in the basket and didn't have high hopes because one side of the cereal buscuit wasn't frosted. When I tried it the next morning I was very surpised at how tasty it was. It had just the right amount of sweetness that it didn't need the frosted side or for me to add any additional sugar to it. It didn't get so soggy like some other cereals. It really filled me up and I didn't even miss the frosted mini wheats. This is a great alternative and this is something I would recommend to other's who like wheat buscuit type cereals. Go out and get a box today!


Palm Desert, CA


Sweet and doesn't taste like straw!


My mother was always a fan of shredded miniwheats, but Dad used to say it was like eating a straw from a broom.  Not only did that make me laugh, but it deterred me from eating shredded miniwheats until I was an adult.  I did eat them, but as Dad had said, they did have the consistancy of straw.  When I saw Kashi had a cinnamon flavored alternative, I was so excited since I love cinnamon.  I was not disappointed.  These have a subtle taste of cinnamon and are not overwhelming like some cereals.  They do remain crisp for a bit in milk.  The best part is that I have lost weight since adding them to my breakfast rotation.  Kashi is a bit more expensive than the sugary cereals, but really worth it for both the taste and the healthy factor.  I have recommended them to my parents, friends and even my mother-in-law, who is very selective in her tastes.  Everyone loves them.  One of my favorite cereals ever!


Burke, VA


Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal

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