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Kaplan University - Psychology

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Excellent program with quality instructors


This is my fifth term as a student in Kaplan University's online Psychology program. I was skeptical at first about getting the same quality of education in an online program as I would at a more traditional college. However, the online program suited my other needs and I decided to give it a shot. I have been very happy with the quality of the program, and it has been just as challenging at times as any college courses I took in the past on a "ground campus." Kaplan has an outstanding online library affiliated with the University of Alabama-Huntsville and it has more than met my research needs. I give Kaplan a 5-star rating!

Santa Fe, NM


Kaplan University Sucks


I think that Kaplan University is a bad choice for online learining. I signed up for classes a couple of months ago and the representative that helped me enroll was very friendly and helpful. I guess this was their way of pulling me in. Once classes started everything changed. Everything was so fast paced and the instructors expected you to already know things about the course before hand. One thing that I actually did like about the online learning at this school is that they have like an interactive chalckboard. You could easily see the instructor writing problems out. Another thing that I liked was that some of the classes had sound where you could actually hear the instructor talking. The disadvantage is that not all of the courses have sound so you actually have to read what the teacher has typed and then you have to think about the fact that other students are typing things in too so it's pretty easy to get lost if one of your classes doesn't have audio. The customer service at this school sucks! If you have to call with a question or concern they'll give you the run around and have you on hold way too long. If the money from your financial aid doesn't come through on time they will call you every single day trying to collect the money. Overall, I would not recommend Kaplan University online learning. This school is a joke.

Memphis, TN


A better future!


I knew I always wanted to go to college, however, I was not able to go to college straight out of high school.  But I think everything happens for a reason.  I know that now I am more determined to succeed in my education than what I was straight out of high school.  Kaplan University is the best school to go to when you are working full time and want to go to school.  This school is not hard to apply for and the advisors that you get when you enroll are there to help when every you need it.  The professors and fellow classmates are great too.  They help as well.  If you are thinking about going back to school I would suggest going to Kaplan University.

Lake Wales, FL


Kaplan University - Psychology

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