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Johnsonville brats

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I love your Brats and have been using them for years, howeve


When we first started using your Brats the casing was easy to bite and it. They are very delicious, we love them. The same Brats now have a very tough plastic casing that you can't hardly bite into, and when you do, you chew and chew and you still have a wad of plastic in your mouth that you certainly don't want to swallow. We have been cooking them, then splitting the casing and peeling it off so we can enjoy them. We are now tired of that, so just letting you know, thanks for a great Brat with a pitiful casing!



Johnsonville Brats-The worlds best brats!


Come to visit Sheboygan Wisconsin to sample the best brats on the traditional Sheboygan hardroll. Cooked over a charcoal grill with just enough seasoning to satisfy the palate of any true sausage connoisseur. Grill to a golden brown and enjoy the lively taste of the Johnsonville Brat.

Sheboygan, WI


A pool party is just not complete without brats on the grill!


I like to treat my guests to some good eats when we have people over to enjoy a nice dip in our pool. One of my favorite treats would be grilled brats, extra large buns and some cold drinks (both beer and pop....soda for some of you...lol)**Johnsonville Brats**There are several varieties of these wonderful brats, our favorite are the beer brats and the cheese brats. I cook them on both my wood smoker and my gas grill depending on what mood I am in. My favorite way is on the wood grill which is a smoker grill and the wood of choice is mesquite as it marries very well with ***Johnsonville Beer Brats***!First I will sear them all the way around and then move them to the opposite end of the grill, adjust the dampers and let them slow cook in mesquite smoke. When they are ready I will toast the buns and then its time to enjoy a great brat! I like mine with chopped onions and a splash of [Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce][1] plus a splash of some [Jack Daniels Hot sauce][2] !Another great way to enjoy a ***Johnsonville Brat*** is one I learned from my Mom! Smother it with some good quality Sauerkraut and enjoy a taste that is just fantastic! Being part German I of course love my sauerkraut but it may be a bit too intense for some people.I usually plan on 2-3 per person and have never had any left overs. They come out nice and golden brown and very juicy....***never stick holes in brats when cooking them!*** Treat them with respect and they will reward you with a fantastic flavor! When they cook in that wonderful juice it just makes the melt in your mouth and everyone loves my smoked brats!**Bottom Line**If your having a cookout make sure to treat your guests to the wonderful flavor of ***Johnsonville Beer Brats***! You will have them drooling all over themselves when they take that first bite and smiles all around when they see even more waiting to be savored! It is a toss up between my Smoked Brisket and my ***Smoked Brats***...they both get compliments from our guests when they eat at our house! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Heniz-Jack-Daniels-BBQ-Sauce-All-Flavors-review-e2aa1 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Jack-Daniels-Tennessee-Whiskey-Jalapeno-Hot-Sauce-review-9c090

Vincennes, IN


Just perfect for your barbecue - Johnsonville Brats


I first became aware of Bratwurst during my Army days in Germany.  Bratwurst is also known as white wurst and they are usually grilled to become kind of tan.  Bratwurst can be prepared several ways, but if you ever get a piece around Nuremberg you will think that is the best you have ever eaten.  **Johnsonville Brats** are very much like the bratwurst you get in Germany and they cook up very easily on your barbecue. They come in a five pack weighing around 20 ounces. There are several varieties available. I recommend starting with the original as they are excellent. If they are frozen be sure to defrost them prior to cooking. Remember to stick each bratwurst with your fork a few times so the juices can escape, otherwise they tend to split as they swell up.  They take only a few minutes to cook and boy, are they flavorful! Brats are great served like hot dogs with onions relish mustard and other condiments. They are also served as part of a meal of sauerkraut and potato salad.  That has to be tried to be appreciated.  Remember to always serve a good full bodied beer like Samuel Adams as a way to top off a magnificent meal of **Johnsonville Brats**. I just made myself hungry, so I'm headed for the barbecue now! See you!

Conyers, GA


Looking for a quick easy dinner, this is it.


Whwen we are in a hurry for a quite dinner, with the kids running to their sports practices, I love things like Johnsonville Brats.  You can make a great meal by adding a salad, fruit bowl, french fries or just sandwiches and the kids love them.

Kent, OH


Johnsonville brats

4.6 5