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Jazz DV152 Flash Media Camcorder

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Simple To Use


I received the Jazz DV152 Flash Media Camcorder as a stocking stuffer a couple of years ago. This camcorder has been great. I have found it to be really easy to operate. We have taken it everywhere. This has been a very durable camcorder. We used it at the water park and I dropped it in the water. After it dried out, it still works perfectly. I am really impressed with the battery life on this camcorder. I can usually get about eight hours of filming before the batteries go down. The design is great. I like that the camcorder is small enough to store and transport but still has great filming performance. All videos that I have shot have turned out great with a sharp picture and great sounds. I am more than happy with my Jazz DV152 Flash Media Camcorder. This would be great for beginners as well as professionals. I would definitely recommend this camcorder to anyone.




Jazz DV152 Flash Media Camcorder

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