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JVC HDD Camcorder

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great for on the go


I purchased this camera for my classroom as a techer. I needed to be able to tape the children;s music/dance class for the parents to see at parent's night. I used to have a larger camera that required tapes. I bought this as it was not so obvious that I was taping as I wanted the children to be natural. I lfell in love! It was easy to use even for someone as technologically challenged as I am. It is light so one does not get tired when taping for extended periods. It did want a longer battery life, but that problem was solved by purchasing the extended battery. I did try the still picture setting and it was not great. My cell phone is better than it was but the video part is wonderful. I did not do much taping prior to this purchase but now I am having fun. It was a good value for the cost.

Union, NJ


Great little camcorder for the price


We bought this JVC camcorder a year or so ago after our son started playing football.  We wanted to tape his games and decided on this little number after trying out the exact same model my brother bought.  I love not having to mess with tapes or discs anymore and there is plenty of room on the hard drive to tape a whole season of games!  The only trouble I had initially was there wasn't enough battery power to allow me to record a whole 1-1/2 to 2-hour game, but that problem was solved with the addition of a battery pack.  I've had many fellow football parents ask me about this camcorder and I've only had great things to tell them.  It's very user friendly right out of the box and despite being dropped a time or two is no worse for the wear.  I love how compact it is and it also takes decent photographs, too, which is an added bonus.  So far we are closing on two years and this camcorder is going strong....I don't plan on replacing it until I have to!

Ariel, WA


JVC Camcorder is great


we bought this camcorder 2 summers ago to take on our vacation and he picked a good one.  it's small enough to carry in a purse, small bag or pocket so you have it with you when you need it.  it takes great videos and with the memory it has it saves a ton of videos and it also takes pictures which is handy so you don't have to carry a camera too.  it's easy to get videos off of it onto the computer or watching them on tv for everyone to see.  it's been a great buy!

Flint, TX


Great camcorder


I bought this JVC camcorder to replace my previous camcorder because it broke. The other one was using require you to buy mini dv tapes to put in the camcorder to record, so when that broke I researched about this camcorder and found out that this camcorder has a hard drive at first,  At first I was skectical because I feel safer with a back up tape but, decided why not try it out and I really enjoy this product. I use it all the time to video my daughter, I take it everywhere with me. It's light weight and very easy to use. I like the feature that it records the dates when you video so that you don't forget because that's a plus. Has a decent zoom that goes a good distance and is very clear. I like the touch buttons and the scroll bar, its great to use if you want to scan and look for previous clips that you recorded. This JVC holds quite a few hours of video I think roughly 7 hours. There is an installation cd that comes with the comcorder to install in your computer, once you install it and set it up, plug your camcorder in with a usp connector to your computer to upload onto your computer and it will go into this program and install all your picks in date order on a calendar. If you don't have a DVD burner built into your computer then you would have to buy one to make copies of the video clips onto a DVD.  Overall a great product to recommend.

Mohegan Lake, NY


Excellent camcorder, poor camera.....


it comes in 3 colors, I got the red one, very stylish hard drive camcorder, 30 GB capacity, you can use an Micro SD HC card as well, the battery last for almost 8 hours if you are continuosly using it of course, the quality of the regular camera is very poor though, but the camcorder itself is very good !  highly recommendable

Acme, WA


Greatest Camcorder we have ever owned!


We wanted a new compact camcorder primarily for the family, but also for my husband to use for the military and outdoors. This fit the bill great! With built in memory you don't have to worry about forgetting the DVD's or tapes. We also bought the additional memory card just in case, and an extra battery/case. We have had NO problems yet. Easy to attach to computer or tv, simple to use and produces excellent images. Small and easy to use and carry. Actually I think it and it's case are smaller then our old Sony Digital Camera!

Peru, IN


JVC HDD Camcorder

4.3 6