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JVC Everio Hard Drive Camcorder

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JVC Everio GZ-MG360 camcorder with lots of hard drive space


I bought this camcorder because of the large hard drive and the high optical zoom. I wish I could rate this camcorder higher but I found flaws after spending 3 months in another country with it. I have hardly used the camcorder since but it was worth the price for the time I was able to use it. I love the optical zoom and how I can capture video and photos of things that are of a distance from me. I love how big the hard drive is and how there is a light to turn on in low light conditions. The video quality is good enough for me. I recorded on highest setting so I actually ran out of hard drive space. There is a micro sd slot on the camera so you can put in a micro sd for backup! I have hours of memories that I can reflect on and share because of this camcorder. **The bad: **Sometimes the video would have a few seconds that are a blur. After a while I started noticing a red dot in the center of some of my videos. I went back to my previous videos and realized that it was in some of those too. I couldn't believe that I didn't see it beforehand. The red dot would only appear in certain videos that were in certain conditions but I couldn't figure out what conditions. After I got back from my vacation, I googled the red dot and realized that many other people had the same problem. They had their camcorder "fixed" only to have the dot appear in another place. That dot is pretty darn annoying!

New York, NY


Love my JVC


The JVC Enverio GZ - MG360 Hard drive camcorder is a really great little video camera! It's compact and lightweight, but is still able to record for very long periods of time (around 14 hrs at high quality) The external light is great (though it's minimal and the camera is best used in average to well lit areas or outside in natural light) The quality of the video isn't  great, but it's good, more then enough to capture memories and create home movies. It stabilizes the zoom too, so when you get super close it isn't all shaky You get a lot of features and decent quality for a bargain price, it really is worth it if you are just looking for something to tool around with.. It's great for beginners and people who are not very tech savvy, you can pretty much use it right out of the box. It gave me some compatibility issues with my macbook, but even so after a bit of googling i was able to get it taken care of

Cartersville, GA


JVC Everio makes me look good!


This little camera packs easily, and packs a LOT of features!  With a 60gb hard drive, it can hold up to 75 hours of video!  If I ever need to, I can add more storage with a micro SD card.  It takes amazingly clear and bright video, and very good still pictures as well, but what I really love is the way it makes me look like a pro!  I can pan and zoom with ease, and the microphone even picks up the sounds of my son's hockey and baseball games, without sounding tinny and hollow.  Downloading to my computer is a snap - so I can share those great sports moments!  Easy to use and easy to love -- this camera is everything I could ever need!

Vestal, NY


JVC Everio Hard Drive Camcorder

4.0 3