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JVC Everio GZ-HM320 (8 GB) Flash Media, AVCHD Camcorder

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Amazing camcorder


Soon before our first son was born, we decided to buy a camcorder. I wanted one that would save videos and pictures digitally as opposed to on a small disc, and I wanted one that could take quality videos that could be played frame by frame in order to pull quality pictures out of a video. In this camcorder, I found exactly what I was looking for. It has served us well for the last several years, whether to record our children growing up, baseball games, or scenery of different places. Battery Life We don't take extremely long videos, usually only a minute or two long. So it lasts quite a long time doing these (it doesn't seem to drain just sitting on the shelf). We went to Africa about two years ago to visit family, and we used this camcorder as we went through Kruger and saw a lot of animals. I would usually keep the camcorder in sleep mode and when we saw an animal that I wanted to record, such as a leopard, I would wake it up and start recording. Starting it up and putting it to sleep constantly caused the battery to die about five hours after we started. Ease of Use The camcorder itself is pretty easy to use. It comes with software designed for the camcorder, but the software is a bit hard to use.



JVC Everio GZ-HM320 (8 GB) Flash Media, AVCHD Camcorder

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