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JCPenney Home Collection
JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad

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I bought this mattress pad because I have a child that wets to bed. WE had recently bought a new mattress and did not want it ruined. I was a bit worried because it was not very expensive, which mad me think the quality would not be good. But boy was I wrong. This works marvelous. It stays on the bed well and does not scoot.It protects the mattress %100 . It is quiet. My son does not want people knowing he wets to bed. His friends can come over sit on his bed and are none the wiser. I have had mine two years and it looks and works like it is brand new. It's durability cannot be beat. It washed up really nice too. I just throw it in the wash on cold water regular cycle, then into the dryer it goes. I was shocked that is could be dried. I use the low heart setting and it comes out soft as can be and not melted. It also does not have that rubbery plastic smell that I hate. I recommend this to people with children, even if they do not wet to bed, it will protect from spills and stains. Elderly people also would benefit from this product. Because it stays stationary so well, it would not present a slip hazard for the elderly . Nor would be have to know they suffered from incontinence.



A waterproof mattress pad that is soft, quiet and durable!


When my oldest son moved from a crib to a full sized bed, I was faced with the dilemma of finding a waterproof mattress pad. However, we did not like the ones with a huge piece of plastic on the back that was stiff, loud, and crinkly. After purchasing and returning several, I happened to purchase a waterproof mattress pad at Bed, Bath and Beyond that was made by the Louisville Bedding Company. Five years later, I needed another one for my younger son, however, I could no longer find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  After much fruitless searching, I contacted the Louisville Bedding Company and found out I could purchase one from JCPenney. It is the **JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad** (catalog number RN725-2124, full sized).  It is only available from the catalog and online; it is not available in stores.  It is available in Twin, XL-Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King. The **JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad **does not have a layer of noisy, uncomfortable plastic.  Instead it has a laminated polyester layer that is quiet and waterproof.  The fitted corners are deep and fit the bed well.  After a total of 7 years of use on our first one, and 2 years of use on our second one, they have always been waterproof.  Since it is a laminated polyester waterproof layer, it will not rip or tear like vinyl or plastic. The **JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad** washes well and dries quickly in the dryer.  It has not shrunk or distorted.  The top is soft and comfortable and you cannot tell that you are sleeping on a waterproof pad. I would highly recommend the **JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad**. *(If you order online, be sure to get this one with the laminate polyester layer because they also  have one with a vinyl layer.)*    

Johnson City, TN


JCPenney Home Collection Waterproof Mattress Pad

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