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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad/Protector

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Protector keeps you cool.


Without the Tempu=Pedic Mattress Protector we were getting very hot in the summer. I complained to the store where we purchased the mattress and they recommended the mattress protector. What a difference! We rest comfortably all-year round.


Fremont, CA


Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad/Protector incredible


I have never had a problem with this product. I have had it on my bed for six years and it has been a lifesaver. I had an accidental wetting by the dog and it protected the mattress like a charm. It has never torn. The only problem I have is that sometimes it gets wrinkles in it and no matter how much I pull on it they won't go away. Sometimes that can be a nusense but it really doesn't affect your sellep. I used to have sleepless nights and since purchasing a **Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad/Protector along with the bed I sleep like a baby ** ** **


Seattle, WA


Finally the perfect solution!


I purchased my Tempur-pedic Ergo Bed - Queen Celebrity in April. I originally purchased the Cloud Supreme but soon found that this bed felt just like the bed I had before...a Serta mattress with a high quality memory foam pad. I traded for the Celebrity and could not be happier! This bed is a medical necessity for me. I have severe chronic back pain from a failed back surgery. The only issue I have had with my Ergo Celebrity bed is that the sheets do not stay on. The lovely non removable "cashmere" cover on the Celebrity has a pile to the fabric. The sheets always move with the pile of the fabric. I awoke each morning with my sheets having moved so much that I began to look for a solution.  I purchased this pad, hoping this would be the solution and sure enough it is! I was bit confused at the difference in the pad that I see on the Tempur-pedic website and the pad I purchased but I like the thin silky feeling of this thin pad. I was skeptical when I open the package and felt the pad. It seemed very odd, plastic like and cheap but now that the pad is on my bed, it is just as lovely as the rest of my bed. I highly recommend this pad. Do not hesitate to purchase.    


Santa Cruz, CA


Tempurpedic rocks


This products rocks.  My wife and i have wanted to get a tempur-pedic mattress for years and years now.  but with having two children we were debating on it because of fear of them spilling liquid on it or them wetting the bed. knowing that this is a foam matterss we knew that getting just about anything on it would either/both void the guarantee thats on it and that we would not be able to get the stain out of the foam.  But finally we decided to just go down and at least look at them.  to get an idea and see the prices of them.  as we were talking to the sales man we were explaining the reason for us not willing as of yet to go for it and purchase the mattress.  We have had issues with other mattress protectors and we were being skepital.  When we were told that they sold a protector that was quaranteed to work no matter what you spilled on it we were just about sold.  Knowing that your mattress that cost that much and you wanna have for a long long time is protected is a good feeling.


Garden Grove, CA


Buy it or your warrenty is void!


When I bought my Tempurpedic Rhapsody bed a couple of years ago I was told by the sales person that in order to make sure my 20 year warrenty cannot be voided I needed to buy their mattress pad protector.  I was unsure about this especially because the Tempurpedic mattress pad protector is kind of expensive so I sat down and read through the warrenty information and it appears that you need to be able to prove that you used the correct mattress pad protector should you need them to hold true to their warrenty.  So I went ahead and bought two mattress pad protectors and saved my receipts in case I ever need to use them for proof.  I have been using them for 2 years and I usually change my bed sheets once a week and they have stood up well to all the washing.  The main differences with these mattress pad protectors is that they are very thin and water proof versus regular bed pads.  I like that it is so thin because it does not take away from the feel of the Tempurpedic bed and I know my bed is protected should my dog throw up on the bed (it has happened a few times).  Spend the extra money and protect your warrenty!


Virginia Beach, VA


I really enjoy my sleep with the Tempur-pedic mattress pad


since using the Tempur -pedic Matress Pad i awake feeling more rested and with hardly any ack pain, i notice i fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, waking feeling rejuvenated, i'm really happy with the Tempur-Pedic mattress Pad Thank You Ron patterson


Cut Bank, MT


Tempur-pedic Mattress pad/protector really does protect!


My husband and I bought the Tempur-pedic mattress pad along with a tempur-pedic mattress a little over a year ago. Since we were spending quite a bit of money on this mattress, we wanted to make sure that we do whatever we can to keep it in great shape for as long as possible.  The Tempur-Pedic pad has been wonderful at keeping stains off our mattress as we just had a baby almost three months ago, we play with him on our bed a lot. We do not have any stains on our mattress. However, there are times when we wash the Tempur-Pedic mattress pad and it is not dry enough yet before we go to bed, so we will just sleep on the mattress with out the pad on. We both have noticed how much better we like sleeping WITHOUT the Tempur-pedic mattress pad on. It feels like the mattress folds around on you when you sleep. We can feel how much more cushiony and comfortable it feels with just the mattress. So, I guess the tempur-pedic mattress pad is very durable, yet, not too comfortable.


Saint Paul, MN


This mattress pad is a worthwhile investment!


The Tempurpedic mattress pad is an extremely worthwhile investment.  I purchased it over 5 years ago with my bed and it's still as good as new.  The seams and trim have not frayed has continued to keep it's shape and fit. The protection it provides is incredible. Stains never seep onto the mattress and are easily removed from the top of the pad by simply rinsing in cold water.  It washes easily on a gentle cycle and I dry it on a very low temperature in the dryer.  


Scottsdale, AZ


completethe Tempur-Pedic experience with this and your set


Youve made the right 1st step to comfort and sleep by  buying the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Now , by purchasing the Tempur -Pedic Mattress pad protector you have extra comfort and protection and its from the company who has already supplied you with heavenly sleep. Finish the job right with protector and pad and maintain your sleep at the level you want!


Largo, FL


Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad/Protector

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