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Isotonic Indulgence Side Sleeper Pillow

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Not so amazing


I bought this pillow at work, on incentive (meaning at a high discount, just more than half-off), because all of my coworkers raved about it. Almost all of my coworkers use Indulgence, either side- or back/stomach-sleeper. They swear it's the best pillow you can find at this modest price. I really don't understand everyone's passion, as I find it to be only okay. Had I paid full price, I most certainly would have returned it to try for something better. Because it's not necessarily a bad pillow, certainly not a terrible one, I've decided to keep it as a spare for overnight guests. I tried to be fair and give the Indulgence pillow several nights of use but feel It's a bit too hard. Not firm, but actually hard. I spend most nights on my side and have found that my ear will ache after a while so I toss & turn and can't get comfortable at all when on my stomach. (I realize this is a side-sleeper pillow, but I tend to move around a lot at night!) Plenty of people love Indulgence but I am certainly not one of them!



Isotonic Indulgence Side Sleeper Pillow

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