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Iomega 120GB External Desktop Hard Drive

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I purchased this and am very sorry that I did. I have windows 7 64 bit and got a good deal on the Iomega. I should have read reviews on it. My computer will not recognize it and if it does it seriously lags down my computer and won't show up under my computer at all. There is no support you can't get anyone on there website to help you. From other reviews I have seen quite a few people with the same issues. I would never purchase this equipment again. If you have a newer computer with windows 7 I would seriously reconsider purchasing this because you will waste your money on it . I wanted to back up my files so I don't lose them but this won't do the job.

Campbell, OH


very slick looking and slim


iomega is a new brand for me, but after doing an extensive amount of time read the costumers reviews about various brands like Western Digital, i pick iomega to buy. the blue flash is irritating sometimes, the fact that it require an ac power is also a problems, but overall,  the macjine work great.

Springfield, IL


A vital part of my computer tech's toolkit


***Bottom-Line***: The **Iomega 120GB HHD** is a high capacity, flexible, reliable (thus far), highly transportable, piece of equipment, that warrant serious consideration if you need files on the go. As my new part-time, home-based, computer consulting business matures and my client base grows, so too does my need to be able to back up and store large quantities of information, mostly data from clients near dead computers.  I have a multi-faceted approach to the problem that incorporates a number of storage medium including USB flash drives, an Iomega 250MB ZIP drive, and now an **Iomega 120GB External hard drive** (HHD). **The Drive** The **Iomega 120GB External HHD** is a small lightweight package that incorporates both high speed USB 2.0 (the drive is backward compatible to USB version 1.1) and IEEE 1394 Firewire technology into one neat high flexible package.  Inside the external shell lies an ATA100, 7200 rpm, 3.5" hard drive, which when connected to a PC or MAC, acts as another local drive, allowing you to transfer / backup files, and even run applications.           There are no controls to speak of on the drive itself; indeed the only indicator that it is even on is a bright blue light near the back of the drive, which glows steady in the absence of activity, and blinks rapidly when files are being moved to and from.  On the back of the drive from left to right are a small fan, a USB port, (2) Firewire ports, and the power connection; notice I did not mention a power switch.  Along the right side of the drive-if looking from the rear-is a standard lock station like those found on laptops that allow you to attach a Kensington lock.  **My Viewpoint ** The **Iomega 120GB External HHD** includes *Iomega Automatic Backup and Symantec Norton Ghost 2003* software.  *Iomega Automatic Backup *is a useful tool that enables you to back up files on a continual basis as they are changed or backup the entire drive if you so desire.  *Symantec Norton Ghost *on the other hand allows you to back up and or recover your entire computer system if the internal hard drive(s) crashes, by making a copy of the entire drive and or partition.   However, I do not use *Iomega Automatic Backup *on the road, but prefer to simply drag and drop the files I need to copy, and or back up from one drive to another.  I can however see the utility in using *Symantec Norton Ghost 2003* to make a carbon copy of a client's computer hard drive before performing an upgrade or similar function.   Individual throughput will vary of course, depending on which computer system you attach the HHD to, but in tests I was able to consistently copy 1.0GB of files from my computer to the **Iomega 120GB External HHD** via Firewire in just less than 7 minutes-6 minutes, 48 seconds to be exact.  This was a Pentium 4 class computer with 1.0GB of RAM installed and two 120GB 7200 rpm internal hard drives.  Throughput via USB 2.0 was similar, and which connection you use will depend largely on personal preference and what OS the computer you are attaching the HHD to.     I envision using this drive for big jobs where I might have copy a large amount of files from client computers in order to rebuild them, and or replace a malfunctioning drive.  I like to versatility of being able to connect to the target computer using either Firewire or USB.  And despite the fact the USB version 1.1 is markedly slower then version 2.0 I like the flexibility of being able to use the drive to attach to older computers if the need arises, and believe me it will. The **Iomega 120GB External HHD** has become a standard piece of equipment in my computer technicians' tool chest; along side my reversible screwdriver, bootable floppies, 250MB ZIP (yes I still use these for those older computers) drive, and notebook computer.  The drive is a high capacity, flexible, reliable (thus far), highly transportable, piece of equipment, that warrant serious consideration if you need files on the go.

Aurora, IL


Iomega 120GB External Desktop Hard Drive

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