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Seagate 1TB USB 2.0 Freeagent External Hard Drive

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Seagate Freeagent Hard drives are so handy!!


So I was looking for a small portable hard drive yet large in capacity to store all my family photos, slideshows, documents, PDF, celebration videos, music, and graphic design. Then during the christmas holiday I see a lot of Seagate External Hard Drives on sale. And I say to my self Perfect. I will try one of these out. I've heard a lot of things about Seagate and Western Digital always fighting which one is better. But since I've never tried either of them I would just pick this up since it's on sale and give it a go. SO far it has worked successfully. It's light which is great for travel, it doesn't make noise, it doesn't give off too much heat if it's idle. Even if it's under a heavy load ithe temperature gets to warm at best. As long as this hard drive stores what i need to and doesn't die out on me. I would buy another one.


Los Angeles, CA


Seagate is best exernal hard drive I've ever owned!


I have had several different external hard drives and the Seagate is by far my favorite. There is no installation or anything necessary. You just plug it in and you're ready to start backing up files or storing files on it. I pretty much put everything on my Seagate hard drive so it doesn't take up space on my computer and my computer can stay optimized. I put my pictures and music and movies and everything on it and always have it plugged up on the desk right next to my computer. The only time I unplug it is when I am taking it to a friend's house to watch movies on, because I have tons and tons of movies on my Seagate and still over 500 gbs of storage left. You can store anything on this and it seems like it will never get full. Works fast and efficiently, and has tons of storage space for a great price, plus I like all the lights on the front haha.


Chatsworth, GA


Seagate Freeagent works great for storing my files.


I purchased this external harddrive last year and I absolutely love it! I have had it for about a year and a half now and haven't had one single problem with it. It is easy to use, works great, and it holds a TON of files/data. I didn't have to install any software either. I just plugged it into my computer and it worked from there. It helps keep my computer running fast because I just put all my important information on my Seagate drive and it's always there, but doesn't take up space on my computer's harddrive. I save all my important files, all of my movies, and tons of music on my harddrive and it's always there whenever I need it. Even when I have had problems with my computer and had to do a recovery, all my information is still there backed up on my Seagate drive. I could not ask for a better harddrive and it was a great deal for the price. It can hold a ton of movies, music, or whatever else you could want to store on it. I love this harddrive and would recommend it to anyone! Great bargain for the price too!


Chatsworth, GA


This hard drive hasn't failed me (yet)


I bought this drive on sale in 2008 and it hasn't died on me yet.  According to many reviewers, Seagate drives tend to have problems so I bought one of another brand to back this drive up but it hasn't caused me many problems so far.  Unfortunately, a friend of mine who bought this drive with me recently had his drive fail.  The drive is ready to go once you plug it in so there really isn't any setup involved.  However, it appears that the drive goes to sleep after being inactive for a certain amount of time, so when you try to open files on the drive there is usually a 15-second lag, during which you can hear the drive wind up.  This can get pretty annoying over time.  Another thing I've discovered is that the drive will turn itself off after heavy usage- I once ran defrag on the drive overnight and the next day thought it had died because it refused to power up even after I disconnected and reconnected it to the computer.  The fact that I expect the drive to die at some point probably is not a good sign.


San Francisco, CA




I purchased a **Seagate FreeAgent 1TB Desktop External Hard Drive** to serve as a backup drive.  I have not been a big fan of Seagate hard drives in recent years due to quality issues, but the price was right and the 5-year limited warranty definitely helps (most external hard drives from other vendors have a 1-year or less warranty!).  I addition to my regular backup schedule (RAID for real-time; daily off-site), I connect this drive weekly or bi-weekly, syncronize my data, and then store it locally to have on hand just in case I need to recover something from the last week or so.  I purchased this drive in late May 2009 and have not had any issues with is so far.  I don't leave it connected and running all of the time, but its speed and performance as an external backup drive fit my needs, even when the drive is encrypted.  I don't use or recommend the included software, so I cannot comment on it but do use and recommend several free applications including DSyncronize.  Also, the total formatted capacity is 931GB, so plan accordingly if you need more space.  The prices on storage are dropping, but always think about how to back it all up.  Also, be sure to keep more than one backup of critical data since hard drives can fail at any time with little or no warning!


Harrison, OH


Dropped the Freeagent external Hard drive and it still works.


I have had this hard drive now for about 6 months and it still works well. I have taken it all the way to Afghanistan to store all of my music, movies, games, computer programs, and other things that I wanted to take with me and it has handled it flawlessly. Within a couple of weeks of getting in country I accidentally dropped this hard drive from about 3 feet. I was worried that this would make it so that it wouldn't work at all (previous experience) but was completely suprised when I plugged it in and it fired right up and 5 months later now it is still working. It has a crack down the side but I can deal with the cosmetic damage as long as it still works.


Lacey, WA


Seagate 1TB USB 2.0 Freeagent External Hard Drive

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