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Imipramine Tablets

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Imipramine Good Anti-Depressant but Bad On Your LIver!


Almost thirty years ago, I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance 'Concurrent Depression' and my psychiatrist gave me Impramine (Generic Name) for Tofranil back than.  What people fail to realize is that anti-depressants are not a "happy" pill.  There is an imbalance of serotonin in the brain and anti-depressants equal out that problem.  Only a professional can properly diagnose a chemical imbalance.  The medication helps a great deal in giving you the proper tools to work through everyday difficulties and to obtain a more balanced state of mind.  Anti-depressants take three to four weeks before you begin feeling them in your system.  The good news is that they had a very positive affect on me.  I was less stressed while also acheiving more tools through cognitive therapy (talking to a psychologist on a regular basis).  Incorporating both of these elements literally changed my life and I was able to not only be content but successful.  After various testing throughout the years, it has been determined that I will be on medication the rest of my life.  The only drawback with Imipramine is that it is hard  on your liver especially if you are on it for a long time.  I have been able to wean off with the doctors help and am on an anti-depressant that is half the strength now and not as strong. Not everyone has the same plight as mine.  Many individuals only need medications like these at certain times.

Fort Gratiot, MI


Imipramine Tablets

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