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it is great treadmill really enjoy it


I bought an imange treadmill last year I have used it a lot so does my wife. we work out every day but sunday. we go about 10 miles a day each of us. we have had no trouble with it at all it works great all the time. I like it where it give us our palus check all the time as my wife does have a heat condition. that is one reason he bought it mainly for my wife but I have gotten in to it too. it has lower my  weight. I like it as we have a busy road we live on there is no chance to get hit by a car. i feel it was a good investment. we don't freze in the winter. like the fan and the cup holder on it. We like the incline as so we can get a better work out  as if we are running up hill.it is soft on the feet don't make are legs hurt or cause any ingery to our legs.  I think everyone should invest in a treadmill  for health and for safety. it is  really fun . think how much time we sit around. if we all did a little running every day we would be much healther

Hastings, MI


It's sturdy and has held up well!


I have had my Image treadmill for more than 3 years and it's still going strong.  I am not a diehard serious runner, but I do exercise regularly. I generally walk or run on it 3-5 times per week.  I've used the incline and speed functions at all levels with no problems.  Actually, I've never had any problems with the mechanics of it.  The incline, speed, belt, and fan are still working.  The electronic display screen has started to blink on and off recently, but that is my only complaint. I really like that it folds up to take up less space.  That has been a great feature because we've been living in a small home.  It also has some great pre-progammed options if you want a varying workout day to day, or you can manually change the speed and incline to fit your needs.  This treadmill fit well into our budget and has served my needs very well!  If you are in the market for a low-end, quality treadmill, Image is a brand to consider.

Meadville, MS


Thanks to my Image treadmill for helping to keep me healthy!


How convenient to grab a bottle of water, put on my walking shoes, turn on my music and take off walking on my Image treadmill. Walking to the music makes walking fun and easy. On my treadmill, I can raise or lower the incline for variety and of course, I can increase or lower the rate of speed. I don't have to worry about the weather, dogs chasing me or watching for traffic. I've had this treadmill for about three years and I've had no problems with it whatsoever. Thanks to my treadmill, I can get the exercise I need every day.

Bostic, NC


Image Treadmills

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