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IVet Ivet

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IVet is a local company that my dogs LOVE!


I Vet is a local company out of Kansas City and i will always try to support my local community.  My dogs were originally on Science diet, but my sister recommended us to switch to IVET.  Being that she owns a vet center in greenwood, MO i trusted her opinion.  We took it home and my dogs have just fell in love with the food.  My mixed dog will go over to his bowl and get the whole thing.  We have always just left our food bowl out and they would pick throughout the day, but now it is hard to do that because our two dogs will go through several bowls a day.  It is very comparable to the Science diet prices, but you know it is better because it is from a local company.  Not that i dont like to help those overseas, but i think we need to help support our own nation first.  So, Am i a fan of this wonderful product....... you bet!!  I will never use another product and i drive 30 mins each way to get it. 

Archie, MO


IVet Ivet

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